Indoor Steps on Apple Watch?


I walked around a bit inside with my Apple Watch, and got started on the Apple Watch Sweatcoin app. When I ended the mini workout, it showed that I had moved like 70ft and walked 100 steps. When I looked on the iPhone app, it said it was converting the steps. I checked back later and it showed that none of the steps had counted (were approved). Am I missing something?
Apple Watch Series 3
iPhone 6s


Don’t quote me on this, but I don’t believe that the Apple Watch supports the indoor Algorithm yet. In terms of iOS devices, the indoor algorithm is only supported by devices with the newer motion chipset. iPhone 7 and above.


So there’s no way for me to count the indoor steps then yet, right? Thanks for the answer. Do you happen to know if the iWatch will support the algorithm anytime soon? I walk around quite a lot at home…


It is possible to Count and convert indoor steps but it requires iphone 7 and above or I think for android it is the A10 devices and above (you might want to check on the Android side as I’m not completely sure but I believe this is the case).
At present, the Sweatcoin app for Apple Watch series 2 and above still uses GPS in the Verification algorithm so will only convert the odd step here and there if you’re lucky.
I know there is speculation that other watch devices may be added and even that the Apple Watch app may be reworked but at the moment this is pure speculation so is worth keeping an eye out.
Indoor conversion on the iphone 7 mobile phone does seem to be working really well. Yesterday I went out as normal for the daily walkies and put in 35k steps, then came home and did the same on the treadmill. After 70,000 steps I didn’t even lose 7k in conversions.
It’s going to sound a little odd but I actually have a secondary mobile that only tracks my fitness and health metrics and I always wear an antibounce running belt similar to the . NOT to maximise steps but to try and stay as accurate as possible by keeping the phone close and fairly tight to the body so that the mobile moves with my body rather than swinging on an arm or bouncing in a pocket. This way I don’t have to answer it every two minutes as well, I have a separate mobile for that.
Although I DO NOT work for Sweatcoin, I do tend to get a lot of enquiries through Instagram and various forums about this kind of thing so as soon as I know anything further about the watch progressions I will make sure I post it.


Hi I have the same exact question. I have iPhone 8 Plus and Apple Watch series 5. I did like 300 steps but they did not transfer to my phone.


(Also indoor steps to be exact)


Unfortunately, no new info… The Apple Watch still relies on the gps based algorithm. Therefore indoor steps will not be verified and added to your approved Sweatcoin steps. However, the Sweatcoin app on the iPhone 8 should still allow true indoor steps to be verified and eligible for conversion to Sweatcoins… just not from the watch.