Inequalities and disapointment about sweatcoin


Hi, I am not sure if this is the right category. But Id like to raise my voice about one thing.

I started using sweatcoin more than a month ago. I had a big hope in this app .
I think it had a bigger meaning.
But just after couple weeks of using I realised couple things. And I emailed Sweatcoin about it as well. But no response until now. Thats why I am writing here, because Id like to hear what you have to say about it.

  1. I discovered the so called “instagram influencer programme” has different standards for different countries.

So in order to get 20 USD in Paypal money a person from:

  • Poland needed to successfully invite 50 new members
  • UK only 30 new members
    -Vietnam - 500 (!) members

Information from sweatcoin website on the “influencer programme” without mentioning there are different standards for users coming form different countries (a friend of mine, a UK user confirmed it was 30 invites on his account though)

as soon as I got 31/50 invites I was looking forward and almost there to get my prize (overmentioned 20 usd ) I updated the app and then I realized the prize is gone (its simply not there to be redeemed) and now I have to
collect an amount of 1111 for the first prize of 100 USD !

I think this is a very dishonest practice, because you fooled me once, so how can anyone can trust you now and collect so many invites when you can change the rules of the game at any given moment?

What is more, I asked my friend a UK user of the app, and he said he needs only a TOTAL of 145 invites for the nominal prize of 100 usd!

I think this is double standards and even though I understand the differences of the levels of GDPs of different countries. But apps like Sweatcoin which supposably strive to do something better for the planet and do good for the people are at the same time using double standards. I think this is totaly uncool.And also you never mention anywhere that different countries have different levels for prizes!

Thanks for listening


Hi @kevinsc,

Thanks for sharing your concerns about our influencer program.

As we expand globally, we try to make sure our Influencer marketplace is dynamic to support growth in different markets. This means that the price of influencer offers may change, based on supply and demand within a region, and may differ from the price of influencer offers in other regions.

We appreciate this can be frustrating, but keep an eye on your marketplace regularly because prices do go up and down.

I’m sad to hear you feel like this :frowning: We never mean to “fool” or “trick” any users. The every day offers in our marketplace have time limits and fluctuate in price, and the influencer offers are no different.

This is not something we are trying to hide, but I will pass on your feedback to our influencer manager - Thanks :slight_smile:


Markets change all the time keep checking them!, you don’t have to claim the offer you can wait for a better one to come so keep your referrals someone correct me if I’m wrong, also it’s a free app what gives out free money so cant really complain about it :man_shrugging:


Traffic from all over the world is worth diffrent amounts also regarding the daily bonus so people in the uk there ad traffic is worth alot more then Philippines for example so the diffrent ref amounts does make sense