Infinitylinks phone charger wristband


I purchased a charger wrist band with sweatcoins fron infinitylinks. It arrived but is faulty and unusable . Did anyone purchase one of these that is ok? I’ve tried to get help from sweatcoin, sent a photo of my receipt and had my coins refunded - ok - BUT I want my £5 postage refunded or a replacement item that isn’t faulty. The one I have is nowhere near fit for purpose it’s just a piece of metal that is useless


For that, i dont think you should be here. If you want a new replacement, you should contact Infinitylinks then.


Hi I have contacted infinitylinks 3 times they don’t reply. It feels like a scam and I wonder if other people ordered this item and got one that works - also tried sweatcoin help and that hasn’t worked


Mmmhhh not good. I contacted Magnussen via mail before when I bought on of their Bluetooth speakers. It took them very long to reply back to me. With long I mean about 1-2 weeks. Is there a number you can call maybe?