Introduce yourself


Welcome to the Sweatcoin community!

Whether you’re a new Sweatcoiner or just new to our community, we want to get to know you! Say hi, and tell us why you joined!

Let me start with myself - I’m Jack, Head of Customer Success @ Sweatcoin! I’ve been part of the Sweatcoin team for over a year now and am passionate about hearing success stories from our users. If I can help with anything - please get in touch!

Now over to you guys. Looking forward to hearing all about you!


Hey chaps! I’m Rob, Customer Success Executive at Sweatcoin. :grin: I am super excited to hear from you guys about your experiences with Sweatcoin, and answer any questions you might have - just give me a shout and I’ll be happy to help :blush:

Welcome to the Sweatcoin Community

Hey guys, I’m Krishna, I do brand acquisition for the US and UK markets :slight_smile:

If you have any brands that you’d like to see on the app be sure to let me know!


Hi guys, I’m Ed. I’m just a random guy who came across Sweatcoin just over a year ago and decided to give it a try. Been active in the Sweatcoin discord servers ever since. Really glad to see Sweatcoin turning into what it is today :grin:


Hey guys! Im Ashton, new to the Customer Success Team at Sweatcoin :slight_smile:
Super excited to get involved and hear from you, if you need help give me a shout :+1:


Hey I’m Chris my you may know me on sweatcoin as BATMAN321 happy to be here I started with sweatcoin in January 2018 and haven’t looked back since. Let’s take over the world and protect :grinning:


Hi Ash, great news with you joining the team at sweatcoin, good luck with it all👍


Hi I’m Daniel aka Cookie66, I’m the number 1 Sweatcoin fan and have been around from the early days, Sweatcoin is the future!


Good to have you on board :cookie:


Hey there guys! My name’s Adam, you might know me as seedmaster101 on Discord. I decided to start using Sweatcoin again last year and have been active on the Sweatcoin discord servers since then. I hope to see this forum become popular in the future, I’ll be stopping by regularly!


Hey ladies and gents, I am Oleg - co-founder of Sweatcoin. It is really good to see this live and so good to see you all here @Jack @Rob @krishna @Ashton @Cookie66 @blazeful @Nath @SeedMaster @ChrisUK. Hope to be able to pop into here often and say hello and answer questions when you need me to. Oleg


Hey guys, I’m Andrew, my username on discord is 9AM. I like the idea behind Sweatcoin, same as everyone here most likely. I also own .


Hey I’m Benjamin, on discord my name is benjaminraby123, have almost been using sweatcoin for 2 years now and really interested in speaking to the community!


Hi everyone! I’m Ray and I have been a member of Sweatcoin since March of 2017. It’s a joy to see where we are today with this community.

I follow and keep up to date with Sweatcoin on Discord, Twitter, and Instagram! Happy to be here :sparkles:


Hailo! I’m Megan and I have been using sweatcoin since May 2017, found r/sweatcoin in December 2017, and joined Sweatcoin Warrior Club on Discord in early-mid January 2018. I am a moderator (meowgan#3742) of the Unofficial Sweatcoin Discord servers since January, with a break during March-early April.

I have been following Sweatcoin closely for over a year now and am excited to see what the future brings!

A little more about me, I love cats (as you can guess from my name), and I also love bands like Bring Me The Horizon, twenty one pilots, Sorority Noise, I Prevail, and more! I listen to them while I walk, and also play Pokemon go sometimes.


Hey everyone! My name is Egor and I am one of the co-founders of Sweatcoin and CTO. Would love to help with resolving of complicated technical issues here and answer related questions. I am full of tasks and usually busy but will do my best!


Hello there! I’m Nick – Head of Mobile at Sweatcoin. If @khmelev is way too busy to answer your questions – feel free to forward them to me :grinning:


Hey everybody, I’m Shaun, Head of Finance @ Sweatcoin. Excited to speak to as many people on here as possible :smile:


Hi everyone! I’m Lev, UX designer. If you have any suggestions or problems with using the app - I will be glad to discuss them.


Hi! My name is Cathy and I am from Philippines :blush: im happy to be part of this community and I am looking forward to meet you and learn from you about sweatcoins. :blue_heart: