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Hi I’m Margie. I registered with SweatCoins late in the evening on 11/15. I immediately started walking the next day. I am super excited that I can get paid for walking. I think that’s a great incentive! I’ve always had a bit of competitive streak in me so this is right up my alley. I have 2 followers so with the help of my friends I leveled up to a BREAKER, walked 20,481 outdoor steps, and purchased an offer.

I live in Chicago. It’s really cold out here. We’re having January weather in November reaching record cold of 7 degrees. I bought a walking video to do indoors for this very same reason. Will these steps be converted to sweatcoins?


Hey everyone, my name is Arwout and I’m from Holland. I’ve been a member of Sweatcoin for almost 1.5 years now, but just recently discovered this forum. Sweatcoin gave me a reason to move much more in my life. For example, when I need to go to the supermarkt I go walking and when I’ve to go to work I take the bike. It’s just all in your advantage: You get healthier and at the same time Sweatcoin pays you for it! It’s amazing to see people here who are experiencing the same feeling as I do. I believe Sweatcoin will become something big in the near future and till then I’ll stay dedicated. Hope to hear from you soon!


Hello everyone! I am a 19 year old student of tourism, from Serbia. I’ve been a user of Sweatcoin since September 2018, but started using the app regularly in April 2019 when I moved from Android to the new iPhone and I saw an amazing increase in my step conversion (almost 100% of my outdoor steps)!

I enjoy spending time with friends, going to University, listening to music (mainly pop and hiphop) and walking, of course. I used to volunteer a lot in my home town, but lost interest when I moved to Novi Sad, the city where I currently live and study.

I’m an extrovert, proud of myself and my current life achievements and I never feel ashamed of anything. When it comes to parties, I’m the one who’ll sing and dance hardcore! :ok_man::no_good_man::man_dancing:

If you want to learn more about me or make a new friend, send me a private message here.

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Sweatcoin under the same username.

I hope you don’t find my username offensive, I use it everywhere and it’s just a way how I express myself in my way.


My name is Aik Meng Tan and I’m from Singapore. Have being an active walker for a few years now and I walk about 13km daily as recorded with the Runkeeper app. My goal is to get the 20k SWC in maybe 4 years (12 months with Sweatcoin at around 6.8k Please add me ([email protected]) if you are also a Breaker with lots of steps and SWC and we can motivate each other towards our goal of 1k cash.


Wow I may have some real Competition


Looks like there will soon be 2 silver steppers


Hello guys!

I’m Dandan (my nickname!) and I am from the Philippines. I’ve been using the app since August 2019 and I love it! Looking forward to share experiences with the community.

My ig acct: dlndnrl.



The worrying part is make that I never even read anything beyond I am Luka on instagram or on the forum. Believe it or not, in some ways I’m actually very lazy… apparently :crazy_face:


Any competition for me yet :crazy_face:. Only joking, it won’t be long I’m sure :sunglasses::+1:t4:


@Phatt.One haha just wait for it… next year i’m going for 10k SWC (I’m now on almost 3k) and I’ll go for the 100k steps (and even more) That are my goals for 2020. I began to follow you yesterday and you can follow me back if you want to keep an eye on me.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good show with the tracking map and great to see the positive goal :sunglasses::+1:t4: I’m always steppin about places somewhere and always like to motivate where I can


You know what fella, nothing would make me happier than to see a few more Break the 100k step barrier… I’m not gonna lie to you, it is definitely does not make for a pleasant day the first time around. I made the fatal mistake of stopping at a local shop not far from the goal, the lady at the counter asked if she should call an ambulance :rofl:. I was pooped and struggling to put one foot in front of the other. However, the satisfaction to know you’ve made it past the finish line with verified steps is fantastic. Or at least for me it was. The next day is when you really pay for it :rofl: you will be glad to know the more you do it, the easier it gets. So far I haven’t actually planned it and my last 121k stomp I didn’t even recognise that I’d passed 100k until i checked the time at 106k lol


@Phatt.One Hahaha that sounds like a really cool challenge. I’m not gonna lie, huge respect that you’ve accomplished that. I absolute can imagine how much satisfaction it must have gave you and I can’t wait to feel that for myself. How much time did you need to reach that 121k steps if I may ask? I’m thinking of 150k steps in a day now for breaking the record, but I think that would be really hard (even possible?):joy: First I’m going for the 100k haha


:rofl: well I would hurry to it 150k is my next goal although I have an trek of insanity in mind that a someone nearly led me to uncover on Twitter when answering a perfectly reasonable question. However, age does seem to bring a few minor health issues and having just hit 42 with regular grade 3 hypertension, I am playing it safe and awaiting complete hospital results before I can commit to anything insane so 150k is a suitable next goal. I have been working to try and maintain and raise my average to keep a consistent growth rather than just going nuts every so often. I can’t actually remember now I think it was around 13-14 hrs but that is only an old man’s guess… the first time I did 100k it took me an insane 16hrs but these days it is a lot quicker. Back then I had only been free of a walking stick around 6-7 months after a fair few years. So, speed was definitely not my strong suit :rofl:


Well, my age is the halve of your age so if you can do it, I must can do it.:joy: Next year I’m going to bring it to the max. I hope the results from the hospital are good and everything is going to turn out fine for you so you can try to break your record. Or otherwise I will do it for you.:laughing:


I max out almost daily but only at about 1,400 swc


That what (…) said …giggity


Thanks for the thoughts :sunglasses:. Don’t worry, I will be working towards raising my personal best regardless of the results. The experiences I have had since I started with the Sweatcoin app have taught me a lot and I think the most valuable thing I have learnt is that there is no better competitor that yourself. We are all different people… different, ages, shapes, sizes, abilities and motivations. A person who has only ever reached 10k steps can think on one day to try and kick in 50k steps to try and pass a regular 40k stepper but there is a very high chance of injury. Only you think you know your own limits so you reach your “limit” and mark your personal best, you’ve then got the scope to push your limit higher and higher by beating your personal-best over and over. Then you realise that your so called “limit” was not actually a limit at all, only a waypoint to be passed.


You can’t grumble at that :sunglasses::+1:t4: but are you prepared to settle there or “knock it up a notch” and reach higher? “BAM!!”

Yes, I know the reference is from a different slightly older TV show but a person can try :rofl:


i am definitely the knock it out type…