Introduce yourself


Can we make an event out of it ?

The exclusive holder of the silver stepper badge goes for the gold. Meet the michale Phelps of sweatcoin !!!


Now I just feel silly. They’re already two other people to have the 100,000 step badge.
I just …you know …assumesd… I will just leave all those cool points right there on the floor. I won’t be collecting them today …


There is nothing wrong with having pride in your accomplishments. When I passed 10,000 steps everybody in my contact list knew about it :rofl:. Although, to be fair most thought I had hacked the app.


Hi, I’m Alysha from Singapore. I’ve been using Sweatcoin since December of 2018 and just wanted to say hi (((o(゚▽゚)o))):heart:


Hi I’m Jamie aka JammieDeDodger and I’ve been using sweatcoin since January 2018
I find it hard to convince others to download the app


Hi everyone,
I’m Ethan and I am hoping to become fitter and healthier for life while getting awesome deals and discounts with sweatcoin. Can’t wait to do this journey to healthy with you guys!


hii~ sending love&light from FL~ to all you rad beings!



Introducing my self- Hello my name is Syoma(Semyon) and im 13 years old. Im Russian and I live in Singapore for 12 years. I like to ski, play Table tennis and play badminton. My favourite animal is polar bear and I like snow

So first off my friend showed me a app called sweatcoin it made me excited because it gives me rewards when i walk. I felt that I wanted to walk everyday which sometimes i walk 5-7km per day. So i hope that i can get the $1000 cash. So far i started this using this app was since 8th of December 2019. So that is why I like sweatcoin and i will never quit it.


Hello my name is Lashante and I am happy to join the sweatcoin community



Hey y’all! I’m Salma from Egypt. Have been using Sweatcoin for a while now! Happy to meet all of you!


Welcome to the sweatcoin forums @Mirai @Lashante1990 @Polarbear101 @Higgsy7 @JammieDeDodger @Alysha571 @themindfulvu we hope you have a wonderful time using sweatcoin and being here on the forums I hope to see you around here sometime :smiley:


Hi! I’m @Culpower. My wife and I have been “sweatcoiners” since Jan. 2018. We live up north so we’re very glad the new algorithm is here to accurately reflect our winter indoor steps!


Cricket from Iraq saying hi!


Hi! I’ve been a Sweatcoin user the past 6 months and gradually increasing my time over the weeks. I think this app is so encouraging! I used to run a few times a week but then discovered after a few years that my body really can’t handle it. I’m so happy to discover walking because of this app and now I feel so energized after my jaunts. Thanks for opening this forum to encourage each other and get to know more app users!


Hello my name is Fierro I stumble across this app from an app crazy right , from Tik Tok!


Hi guys , my name is Azadeh, and i start using sweat coin , because in my city is not easy to be active and actually it was worked for me , and i hope i can do more !


Bill Bateman in Albuquerque. I’m a Sweatcoin user since June 2018 but today is the first day I’ve signed onto the forum.

Little frustrated as the app has been “glitching out” constantly the last week to 10 days.


Hello my name is Jørgen! Ive been a sweatcoins user about a year​:+1:t3: This is my first time her in the forum​:smiley: Looking forward :smiley:


Hi my name is Shawn I’m ready to sweat and get some coins!