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Every please add me! I’ll add back!


hi everyone , i’m nhel newbie here… much more to know !


Hello I’m Sarah and I love Sweatcoins. I’ve been using it for 2 years and counting. :slight_smile:


I’m Kayla. I joined because I’ve been a member of sweatcoins since March 2018. I love how there are great offers to motivate you to walk! Add me! Check out this free app :point_up_2: It pays to walk!


I love this app! Been a member since 2018. I love the coins lol so, if you wanna donate, I am a hard-working, single mother, warm and good person that live walking but, can’t walk as much as a dog walker. Lol


Hello! I’m new here! I would like to know more about this community. Hope this would help me to motivate me sweat more. :joy:


Hi @Serpil ,

Unfortunately, SWC must be from those earned by the user. Transferred funds can’t be used to claim this offer.

Most of the Marketplace offers can be purchased using transferred coins. If you tap on an offer, The offer screen will most often state in the description and terms to let you know if coins must be earned to claim the offer.

Happy Sweatcoinin’ :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Hey everyone,

I am Antoinette. My sister introduced me to this app. Not many of my friends have it or are willing to download it smh…so I decided to join this group


Hi everyone,

My name is Nina Tierney. I am glad to be making sweat coins with you ladies and gentleman. I hope that each and everyone of you is getting some good prizes but also a good workout in throughout the days, years, months, weeks. I hope that you guys can send me some sweat coins, my username is striker 11. I will send some back. Happy Sweat-coining!


I am new here and have a question for you. I wear a i fit smartwatch at work as we cannot carry personal phones. Is there a way to add the miles walked that are on my watch to my sweat coin? I lose days as my phone is locked in my locker


Hi all,

Been on sweatcoin for 2 years and have over 3600 coins. Probably just keep them till I reach 20000


Hi’ I’m all about the site! Idk much about it yet, but I’m learning so much so fast, seems like I’ll have it all mastered in no time . Name is Brian from Gettysburg PA area. Love to travel and enjoy the beach! I lived in Hawaii & Ocean city MD before and plan on visiting and moving back someday. Ladies hit h up I’m not shy I usually text back


Hello everyone, my name is SPC Schultz and I joined Sweatcoin in September 2020. I absolutely love this app and I am excited to be a part of this community! Between being active in the army and being a mother I think this is a awesome app because it essentially awards me for the walking I already have to do plus it encourages me to do more (like run). Check out this free app :point_up_2: It pays to walk!

This is for anyone that wants to follow


How did you join in september 2020 lol :joy:


Lol typo I meant 2019 :joy: