Introduce yourself


Hi my name is See. Been looking for tools for the office workplace for team engagement ideas. This app looks promising, I’d like to see how it would look across a league of 200+ people


Hey. I’m still trying to figure out why steps quit converting to swc. Forums seem show lot of people having same issue. Am over month with no steps converted except one day that I figured out how to force send accidently


Hey everyone my name is Justin I joined here due to a friend telling me about it and so far I really enjoy what has been created.


I joined yesterday yay!


Hello my name elana I join today


Hey I’m Heath from LA just trying to figure this app out


Sorry you’ve run into step conversion issues! Please take a look at our latest post which explains why there’s been some issues for some users and offers tips and tricks to boost your conversion to new highs!: Step conversion issues since the latest release? Please read!


Helllo!!! Im very new to this so yeahhhh! Im Sheila !


Names Karla been using Sweat Coin for about two years now.