Introduce yourself


Hi my name is See. Been looking for tools for the office workplace for team engagement ideas. This app looks promising, I’d like to see how it would look across a league of 200+ people


Hey. I’m still trying to figure out why steps quit converting to swc. Forums seem show lot of people having same issue. Am over month with no steps converted except one day that I figured out how to force send accidently


Hey everyone my name is Justin I joined here due to a friend telling me about it and so far I really enjoy what has been created.


I joined yesterday yay!


Hello my name elana I join today


Hey I’m Heath from LA just trying to figure this app out


Sorry you’ve run into step conversion issues! Please take a look at our latest post which explains why there’s been some issues for some users and offers tips and tricks to boost your conversion to new highs!: Step conversion issues since the latest release? Please read!


Helllo!!! Im very new to this so yeahhhh! Im Sheila !


Names Karla been using Sweat Coin for about two years now.


Hello everyone, I am Mimz I just signed up for sweatcoin by my nephew’s invitation. I am going to need lots of guidance here. No clue what I signed up for :joy::joy::joy:
Looking forward to meet all of you


Hello everyone. I‘m Jula. Am happy to be here with you guys


It’s indeed an honor to have this opportunity to be in touch with you Jack. I am from Gambia but I live with my wife and kids in Germany.
I think Gambia really needs your help in regards to the very severe maternity problem women are facing over there. I would plea with you to raise funds for this project please.

Your faithfully

Jula Mahanera

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 00491785082359


Really good to see you, guys, here! Welcome to Sweatcoin and do let us know if you have any questions!!! Your Sweatcoin team


:hugs: hi everyone my name is Sheena I just joined today! :relieved:


Hi Jack: My name is Wanda and I have joined sweatcoin because my grandson ask me to buy I think I will probably benefit more out of this app than he will. Already have a challenge going with 2 of my sisters. Along with the benefits that sweatcoin offers I think I will benefit from them also!! I’m planning on having fun with it!! See you around walking!!!


Hi Jack and all,

The Turnip Pharma is a pseudonym I use for my digital presence on a number of apps and services. I’m based in London and the East of England, having studied pharmacy in the turnip fields of East Anglia. I’m currently setting up as self-employed after ten years of employment, and use walking, running and exercise to avoid “cabin fever” in the office!

I came across SweatCoin about a year ago, but wasn’t fully engaged with it until I decided to change my lifestyle to improve my health. I’m now a Breaker, and aiming to lose weight and regain my cardiovascular endurance again. Looking forward to being part of the community going forwards!

Best wishes,



Welcome to all the new members joining the Sweatcoin Community Forum. Great to see so many users brand new to Sweatcoin as well as those who have bean pounding pavement, mud, sand or whatever terrain be your preference for a while.

Happy Sweatcoinin’ Guys n Gals :sunglasses::+1:t4:


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hey my names bain. me and a large group of my friends got sweatcoin a few years ago, but after time i lost interest for some odd reason and deleted it. i really regret it however, because my friend colby kept it all along and got his hands on some $50 compression socks for free through sweatcoin! i am now certain this app is legit and i recommend everyone uses it. (i even convinced my mom to get it)



I’m Nina. I’m new to all of this. My son actually got me started with Sweatcoin. Enjoying thus far, collecting to receive coins. I currently live in Hawaii.

#313 Check out this free app :point_up_2: It pays to walk!