Introduce yourself


My name is Lyleta i am very upset no one has returned a answer i started this on a old phone 140.00 converted bought wallet dog bark razorss never received got new phone nothing transfered forgot email have demensia my son gave me all his coins n they want me to believe this crap…


Hi! My name is Winnie and I am from HK :blush: im happy to be part of this community and I am looking forward to meet you and learn from you about sweatcoins.


Hello! , my name is Jessica, I’m from Ghana. I started using sweatcoin in April 2019 and it has helped me physically because I am encouraged each day to walk. I’m happy to be part of this amazing family. Thank you for having me.


Hi this is @ohitsnhalenn on ig and sweatcoin, from philippines. Newbie here.


Welcome to Sweatcoin!
It’s so cool to see so many people from all over the world in this forum!
Even though we may be on different parts of the world we share at least one cool thing we are all steppin’




Is it real do u reall get money for walking


Yeah 4.5 years of walking gets you $1000


Wow that is a long time to make money why so long


Marathon offers aren’t to be obtained easily lol. All I can say is Walk and max out your 20SWC per day.


Hi guys! I’m Amber! I’m looking forward to seeing what this is all about. I do a ton of walking; I’m excited to be paid for it! I’m new to the journey, so all tips and pointers, are welcomed. Thank you and easy walking!


I joined to stay fit and it helps take care of my son &I but I can’t seem to get my cash I worked hard for I need help I hope I’m not doing this just for this to be scams


If your thinking you can swap sweatcoins for real. £/$/€… please think again. It does pay you in sweatcoins for prizes. On the market place. Not real currency unless you get the 20,000 sweatcoin prize ‘£1000’


Hey Team,

I hope everybody is safe. I’m here trying to go back slowly doing some workouts I let myself go for some months now and I want to go back in shape so I thought this could be a good motivation, plus having a community that supports each other it’s awesome! I hope everybody soon I feel comfortable enough to go back to the gym after all the crisis go away ! Blessings and good vibes :hugs::hugs: #stayhome


Hi All, Pete from the UK. Add me i’ll follow back :slight_smile: keep walking


Hello I’m DJ. Thanks for welcoming me.


Hello, I am Chantelle and I’m from the uk. I am new to this


Welcome to the SC community, Stay safe, keep walking :slight_smile: make those steps count


I’m D! I joined because I need motivation to get more active/healthy. So far this seems like it should help! Hi everyone!


We’re now friends🥳 Happy work outs to us all while we’re keeping safe and healthy🙏