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Hi I’m Andy also from the uk hope your staying safe during the pandemic


Hello. My name is tyler hedrick. I am 24 years old and I am 6,3 and weigh 300 lbs. I am in love with and married to the absolute most bestest friend in the entire world and we have two very handsome boys


Heyo Sweatcoiners!:point_up:t3:
I’m Antonio, 22 years old, from the north of :de: Germany :de: and since May 2019 Sweatcoiner. :running_man:‍♂

I like the new algorithm very well, so I can also collect steps during my work.
Because I’m a train attendant and run while I’m driving.

I hope for an interesting exchange and new faces.
I would also appreciate an inquiry:


Thx sorry for late respond


I walk or run outside most days of the week. I also normally do social dancing, but now I’m dancing solo. I’ve had foot and hip injuries since November. They are improving. But when the physical distancing started, we started thinking playing tennis everyday, so now I have an injured shin on one leg.


Hi I’m katy I’m a cna


Hi everyone idk how this works but I’ll figure out in time emphasized text


Welcome to all the new users :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Hi my name is Anna 25 years old and mum of one she’s only 4 months …I saw on YOUTUBE and sounds interesting cuz this apps helping you to make more active especially to the people who always nothing to do herself / himself and Plus you can earn. So I hope it’s real… but I was checking my app it’s really working but no more points enough cuz I’m new one

That’s all…

Thank you so much


Hi im Thomas im 29 from stockport amd have been using sweatcoin since around september 17 or there abouts, i enjoy walking with swewtcoin on and can usually rack up 20000 steps on a good day recently this hasn’t been happening as i have been riding my bike more often than not and i also enjoy playing poke.on go also enjoy listening to the like of five finger desth punch slipknot rammstein and others whilst i walk.


Hello everyone,
I am Andhanan G. Call me Andy. How are you?


Hello everyone! I’ve been using the app for awhile I didn’t know about the forum. I just ran across it today some how. Anyway I’m looking forward to reading & learning in here. Have a great weekend and be safe! Cherry :wink:


Hi from South Africa :south_africa: :wave:t2:


Good afternoon all how are you doing today I use this app to exercise with and looking for friends or family that might you this app that will join me


Hi My name is Denver Sylvester and I’m all the way from South Africa Cape Town to be exact :slight_smile:

I love sweatcoin and I use it everyday however a few questions came up from while trying to introduce friends of mine too this platform.

The main question was involving the $1000 pay out.

Can you really get it from just walking and inviting or is it just there to fool people in believing they can ?

People are eager to sign up if the $1000 ain’t a scam or just some way too fool people to join somehow.

That’s the only important question they have that I couldn’t really give a honest answer too



It is NOT a scam :+1:t4: Although it is a lot of walking/running to earn sufficient Sweatcoins to claim the Marathon Offers as coins used to claim a majority of Marathon Offers must be earned by the user personally. Unless you are extremely well connected and have a boatload of friends and family to invite that will also use your invite code.

The $1000 PayPal is also a legitimate reward that has been claimed by at least one user whom I believe is still a community forum member too.

Happy Sweatcoinin’ :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Hello everyone,

I am Zaid from Bangladesh. I have been watching my wife use sweatcoin for the longest time so i got it myself just now!! And its been amazing tbh!! Thank you all.

Would love to have people from the community add my profile, here is my link!!


Hi I’m Aiden


Hi There.
I am called Kristina. Been here awhile, just noticed the forum. BAHAHAHAHA… aaayway… :flushed: Hi Guys!
Here and saying hey now. :bangbang: Hope all are staying safe & healthy! :woozy_face:


Greeting from Vietnam. I happen found out this Sweatcoin app in search content. I love jogging and this really nice app. Hope I would know and learn more from you here. yến sào. Thank you for reading.