Introduce yourself


Hi I’m Andy also from the uk hope your staying safe during the pandemic


Hello. My name is tyler hedrick. I am 24 years old and I am 6,3 and weigh 300 lbs. I am in love with and married to the absolute most bestest friend in the entire world and we have two very handsome boys


Heyo Sweatcoiners!:point_up:t3:
I’m Antonio, 22 years old, from the north of :de: Germany :de: and since May 2019 Sweatcoiner. :running_man:‍♂

I like the new algorithm very well, so I can also collect steps during my work.
Because I’m a train attendant and run while I’m driving.

I hope for an interesting exchange and new faces.
I would also appreciate an inquiry:


Thx sorry for late respond


I walk or run outside most days of the week. I also normally do social dancing, but now I’m dancing solo. I’ve had foot and hip injuries since November. They are improving. But when the physical distancing started, we started thinking playing tennis everyday, so now I have an injured shin on one leg.