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:left_speech_bubble: Try and fail, but don’t fail to try. — Stephen Kaggwa


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Sorry for the spam everyone I just wanted to check if the bot was working good, it does except for the start new user it seems, not sure what that command’s supposed to do :thinking:


Hi Sweatcoin community.
I currently training and developing my Full Stack Web Developer portfolio.

I have recently joined the app and very intrigued to see how it develops and the possibility of purchasing real life products with them. Very exciting indeed.

I really like the UI & animation of the app. I’m using the Android version.
Any job positions available in the developers team? :slight_smile:


Hey! Awesome you’re getting involved :smiley:
Be sure to check our website for job listings - it’s updated often as positions pop up, keep an eye out! :swc:


Hi i’m Angella and i joined to remind myself that now more than ever we have to stay active! And to keep myself from falling into a sitting on the couch habit :smile:


Hello! My name is Rayan, I’m 25. I’m a Lebanese living in Turkey. COVID-19 has had me on the couch for a long enough time, I want to get moving. Sweatcoin has an effective motivation strategy, it’s only been a few days for me but I’m loving it.


Loved coming across this app and saw how it promotes health. As well its neat keeping track of my day to day. Cardio is my lane. Anything physical or being active is my element. Hopefully one day i can have enough to obtain a marathon offer for me and my daughter who is 8 to go on.


Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all. I’m just new here and I hope to find more tips from you. Thank you so much


Hello, I am Igal from Israel :slight_smile:
I was lately a food worker but decided to not waste my 20’s in the kitchen and to get to studying (Currently targetting on Electronical Engineering)

I’ve been actively using Sweatcoins for about a year now to improve my fitness experience, make it more fun and of course, increasing my motivation with rewards :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Domenico I’ve been part of your community for about a year. I am happy and I really appreciated all the efforts made to improve this application. I am writing to you because yesterday I noticed that a company for the second time has increased the share of sweet coins to have an underwater camera. The first offer was 8,000 sw, then increased it to 12,000 and finally yesterday to 16,000. This seems very incorrect to me, it confuses people and I believe that this policy does not express the values ​​of people who practice a sport. Thanks for the work you do for us. See you later


Trying to build my sweatcoin friends list


I just found a new hobby to keep me busy and fit, which is rollerblading. It’s such a great way to burn fat and enjoy in the same time! I’ve been going like crazy everyday for at least 15 Km a day and believe me I lived in Dammam, Saudi Arabia for 21 years and I have never explored the streets this much I discovered a lot of cool places, but most importantly I maintained a fit body within these tough days… sadly, my sweet Sweatcoin app just worked for me so all of the previous accomplishments weren’t recorded, but hey! I willing to start from scratch and share the journey with you :pray:


Hi everyone ! I’m Craycray im new to sweatcoin forum


I am a bit disappointed in this new update 8AS I cannot see my friends steps which kept me going


Hi I’m Nora I’m new to sweatcoin and can’t wait to start.


I’m Courtney Nd I’m ready to start something new


Hi I’m Burg, Looking for friends! Follow for follow😊 ( burg943854)


Hi, I’m Rob, a postman in the UK. I’ve been using Sweatcoin a while now but only just joined the forum.
I’m on the Trouble Maker package and earn about 50 coins per workday, 20 or so on a rest day.