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:left_speech_bubble: Try and fail, but don’t fail to try. — Stephen Kaggwa


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Sorry for the spam everyone I just wanted to check if the bot was working good, it does except for the start new user it seems, not sure what that command’s supposed to do :thinking:


Hi Sweatcoin community.
I currently training and developing my Full Stack Web Developer portfolio.

I have recently joined the app and very intrigued to see how it develops and the possibility of purchasing real life products with them. Very exciting indeed.

I really like the UI & animation of the app. I’m using the Android version.
Any job positions available in the developers team? :slight_smile:


Hey! Awesome you’re getting involved :smiley:
Be sure to check our website for job listings - it’s updated often as positions pop up, keep an eye out! :swc:


Hi i’m Angella and i joined to remind myself that now more than ever we have to stay active! And to keep myself from falling into a sitting on the couch habit :smile: