Introduce yourself


Hi, my name is Jon. An English man living in Spain. I have been using sweatcoin for just over a year now. Getting my 20 has become one of my daily tasks. In the process I have lost over 12kg and become a lot fitter. You can follow me on Twitter @sweatyjon and Instagram also @sweatyjon


What an achievement! Thanks for sharing Jon.


Sweayjon is the of Spain!


Nice work Señor Jon!


Hi sweatcoiners!

I’m Marcus, a freelancer translator & writer from Finland who fell in love with Sweatcoin last summer. Back then I would convert the maximum amount of Sweatcoins daily, but now, as the winter has arrived, my activity has dropped. Already waiting for the summer…

I have been actively following the evolution of Sweatcoin online, and I’m happy that we have an official forum now! :slight_smile:


I am Ben from the UK, I have been using sweatcoin since 5th may 2016, stopped for a while and am now back on. Stopped because of the battery drain but it has really improved since!


Thanks for feedback @benjamin! Good to have you back :grinning:


Hey guys and girls,
my name is Patrick. I am from Germany and use this app since August 2018 and I will say that this app is very awesome and userfriendly.
Congratulation! See you outside :smile:


Greetings Sweaty Steppers Worldwide,
I am Phatt.One and had been using Sweatcoin since May 2017. Since sarting wiith the app I have walked many, many miles and don’t plan on stopping anytime in the foreseeable future. Originally, The app is installed on my phone is a joke but managed to use the Sweatcoin way to regain my mobility, and have so far dropped 5 1/2 Stone in weight without planning it or even adjusting my diet. I hope to spread the word and see Sweatcoin grow from an application to a our way of life. As I approach 10M steps converted to the sweatiest of coinage help motivate and encourage others to step forward into their own brighter tomorrow the same way as I have… one step at a time :sunglasses::+1:t4: I post on Instagram as @Phatt.One and on Twitter as @phatt_one.
Happy Sweatcoining All. :wave:t4::sunglasses::+1:t4:


They’ll be calling you Mr. 10 Million soon @Phatt.One! We might have to create a new Super Stepper badge :scream:


Lol… just out of interest… have you any idea what the highest number of steps converted to Sweatcoins by a single user is? There must be at least one person out there somewhere he was consistently maxed out conversion every day since the app was released… or even since testing first started.


Hello there! I’m Justin and I live in Belgium :belgium: Came across Sweatcoin about 8 months ago in the summer break. Been loving it so far but haven’t bought anything yet. Keep it up and sweat a lot!


Hi there Sweatcoiners!

I am Joseph from Malaysia. I have been using Google Fit and Mi Fit to keep track of my steps until I met Sweatcoin on 2/3/2019 and I fell in love with it because I am a blockchain enthusiast.

Let’s move and be healthier together! :smiley:


Hello everyone…

My Name is Tanishq and I am from India. I joined sweatcoin few days back.

We Indians are really very excited and many of my friends have joined sweatcoin. I am looking forward to see this app growing more and more and I am pretty sure you will get tons of love from indians. Thank you so much sweatcoin. Let make this world a better place.


Well… it finally happened. At 0231am, after maxing out membership limits I discovered the 10M mark had been passed :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Hello. I am Compodulator.
I’ll be honest, I have very little idea how I ended up here.
Kind of like waking up drunk in a McDonalds across town.

Much like waking up in a McDonalds across town, the story is coming together. I needed one cent. At least one cent to be transferred into my paypal account. The reason involves the bank and some words I cannot comprehend in any language I speak. TLDR, I needed to generate 2 sweatcoins in order to sell them for 0.01USD. The plan worked!
Due to some crap I’ve been given by the bank, I needed to generate internet income, and so I did.

And then I saw there are sweatcoin traders. People are buying and selling sweatcoin.
Alright, a nieche market, sure, whatever works…
And now here I am, doing math and trying to figure out how to get an income out of this.


Hi, I’m Osmer, Venezuelan living in Spain, my English is not good but I try, I’m starting today with Sweatco, I want to know much more about this community and also join and integrate. I appreciate your guidance in this regard. Greetings … my email is [email protected]


Hello I am Ervin, I find a great ideea guys, what are you creating, I hope it will spread really fast, I am trying to invite and explain to everyone the benefits and the mechanism in the background.


Bonjour je suis Romuald 45 ans de France.
Je bouge toute la journée cette application est faite pour moi.
Merci a toute l’équipe.


I am Taiwo from South Africa . Very pleased to be part of the SweatCoin Community . Looking forward to the boundaries it can surpass and eventually seeing sweat coin a global commodity for change .