Introduce yourself


@Robjay Welcome. Hard to spot forum on the app haha :joy:

That’s good going. What’s you’re total score?


Hello everyone im happy to be here


Not doing too bad - just over 12000 sweatcoins up to now


Hello! I’m Monalisa and I’m from Zimbabwe. It’s good to be on the forum. Only found out about it now lol.


Please see my post on dialy bonus. It seems to get stuck. Just circling through and not stopping on an amount of coin.


Hiii ! My name is mayssa i m 22 years old sooo i m new in this application! I wanna ask if someone can explain to me how it works please i mean how i can earn money !!
Thank you so much


Hi! My name is Bonnie and I’m 19 years old I have been using this app since 2018 but I decided to write here because I would like to make new friends here and maybe help you to earn bonuses :blush: . Thank you so much and have a nice day!


Hi! My name is Wick and I started sweatcoin back in 2017! I had points of struggling to earn it due to living in London and not taking my phone everywhere, but now I live in the countryside and go on daily walks / jogs to keep myself active!


I started following you follow back?


Welcome to all, it’s great to see so many new yousers joining the forum.
Happy Sweatcoinin’ Y’all :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Hi I’m Erin and I joined to stay in shape


Joined today how is everyone doing well and staying safe I hope


Hellos to everyone. Everybody, I’m Michael/Appinfernal with Sweatcoin since September 2018. And I’m logged at 500 Sweatcoins, today.

My goal is to be a influencer/mechandiser with several otherwise familiar health related social media goals.

Today, since using Sweatcoin with various other apps also near 5000 mile goal.

Sweatcoin is practically the best I’ve seen this far in reward’s.

I expect wonderful results on this fitness day and thank you for all the committed participants of Sweatcoin.

Have a wonderful day.


Im Tinta!!!:smiley::wave:t3 : happy to be here.


Hi everyone, I’m dudz i had this app last year but then it didn’t come in handy because I was busy with school. Since the lockdown I’ve been doing some walking and decided to fully use this application and turn my sweats into some coins.


HIII I’M Kadiiiiiiiiiiiii❤️


Hello my name is Jennifer, and I have had SWEATCOIN about 2 years now, and i love it. Keeps me challenging myself, and its as easy as walking. I also love all the new upgrades like the workouts…


Hello, my name is Lauren. Im 39 years old and since Ive always waitressed my entire life, i never had to worry about getting my steps in. But now, since COVID has basicallu destroyed my career, I find myself leading a mich more sedentary lifestyle. I figured this app might motivate me and maybe I’ll even recoup a small percentage of my lost wages


Hello, been using the app for a while but looking to connect and have joined the forum, nice to be here!!


Sorry to hear about the job situation. Unfortunately, it has become a massive problem for many people, especially in the leisure and hospitality industries. Hopefully, Over the coming months, we will see some changes and some element of getting back to normal. People on Instagram et cetera are starting to post new videos from bars, beaches and even large parties in different parts of the world. Hopefully will find the active lifestyle will bring with it a more positive outlook, as well as keeping you fit and healthy :sunglasses::+1:t4: