Introduce yourself


i’ve been on sweatcoin for a couple of years.
please give me some coins. my account is aidanbaidan
and go follow my insta @aidansgoh
if you like skating follow @mangomams


Hi! I’m Charmin. I just joined 3 weeks ago. This is a neat app, from what I’ve seen so far.


Hi I’m Jen from Ontario, Canada. I’ve been on sweatcoins for almost a year now ! Love the app but am finding myself only recently having problems with my conversion. I’m still going to keep walking and hope that a fix is in the works soon . My screen name is JEN672863. Could always use some tips on staying motivated and maybe some help with my settings even though I have tried all the fixes I’ve seen for my iPhone in the chats !


I’ve had issues… Steps not converting for nearly a month now. No help from anybody. Am on 3k so far, but will delete the app this week if no improvement


Hey my name is Valeria. I joined a year ago but I just left my app like that without getting into it. So now I decided to use it a little bit more so I can get money in. :wink: hope it works I know it will


I’m Mike, just wanted to say Hello to everyone.
Been using Sweatcoin for a couple of years (but just discovered the forum today).
I’m a “troublemaker” and have 11,000+ coins earned so far.
Love the app most of all for just the daily extra bit of motivation it gives me.



Any word from anyone about conversion yet ?


Hi. Kim here from :malaysia:.
3 weeks old on this app. Loving it and hoping to get more motivated to walk. I’m still a Mover so the limits don’t bother me yet.
Anyone wants to connect? Find me kim.546563.
Happy walking all!



Hey hi. My name is Mj, I just downloaded this again now that I have Fitbit. I don’t have too many active friends nearby and I’ve always been kinda shy on the internet groups and forums.
buuut I’m getting lonely and I realize that I do require a certain level of awknowledgmemt and encouragement to continue feeling motivated so before I hit a wall too soon… here I am, interacting.:sweat_smile:


Hi all

Been using sweatcoin for a couple of years now and have just upgraded to the troublemaker status

Have just gone over the 8000 balance and I just wondered what other people are currently on ? Anyone know of anybody that has reached the magic 20000 yet ?



I had a brief message, thanking me for raising the issue, they know about, and that was it. Pity, the whole idea of the App I buy into, but the finished product and especially the customer service is shockingly awful.


Yes, I’ve now generated 21547 Sweatcoins with my own steps. However, before you ask the inevitable follow-up question… I haven’t saved them to claim any of the marathon offers, The majority have been donated to show supports for the charities.


wow - fair play How long did that take you to generate that amount out of interest ?


Hey @Andrew213284

A lot longer than it should’ve done :rofl: Seriously though, I’ve been with Sweatcoin now for just over three years.
Although in fairness, it was a while before I was able to reach the breaker membership cap regularly. The Troublemaker was introduced right at the end and helped to convert the final million steps a little bit faster in the final month :rofl:.

Rather than explaining in further detail here, typing it out and boring the :poop: out of any people who already know. The article linked below probably cover things better… it’s certainly a lot easier than typing anyway​:man_facepalming:

Journey to 100,000 Steps>>

Happy Sweatcoinin’ :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Cool - I seem to be earning about 800 a month at the moment so am hoping I can get to the 20000 by the end of 2021:crossed_fingers:


Hey im Shyanne, im new to sweatcoin. Im a new mom and am living in the U.S. i love going on walks and all but with how quarantine had been during my pregnancy i couldnt leave the house too much because of how high risk it was. I still cant have anyone around me or baby that isnt from the home for another 7 weeks to help minimize the risk to exposure. My Fiancé and i are looking for a bigger place, sense our baby boy came a few weeks early we thought we would have more time but had a surprise. Being a mom is hard but being able to kinda track jow many steps i do makes me feel better about myself, i havent thought too good of myself after i had my baby boy. I hope that i can always continue useing sweatcoin. Its nice to meet all of you


Awesome, with the troublemaker now available, it should technically be possible to go from 0 to 20,000 within 12 months if you put your foot down that is, then the other foot, then the 1st foot again… :rofl:


Hey my names Travis I joined hack in 7/20. Been doing a lot of walking for work and thankful there’s an app to track and earn for the stuff I’ve been doing anyway! Thankful to be a part of the community.


Hi my name is Dee and new to sweatcoin.