Introduce yourself


Hey I’m Joel, I’ve joined the sweat coin community because it keeps me inspired and motivated to do my best at staying fit and healthy for myself and for my children!


Hello my name is Delaney also known as Aurora!
I love :two_hearts: this app as I was diagnosed with lupus this year and walking really helps me not hurt so badly and keeps me from getting stiff. It doesn’t hurt that it pays me to do it :wink:… I’m a 30 year old makeup artist/ designer and I love anything that allows me to be creative.
I joined this community to hopefully meet a few other US walkers to make chit chat with and hopefully we can get us US SCoiners some better rewards and get them to bring back the PayPal exchange lol because I don’t have enough people to invite!:joy:
This is me, NICE TO MEET YOU :rainbow:


Wassup you can call me Sid3showBob


I am excited to be here because I walk miles everyday. I was wandering if I could connect with my Ionic Fitbit?


Hi I’m FARI, someone told me a about Sweatcoin. I look forward to learning more, and being a part of this amazing community.


Hi my name is Nelyssa. I’m 21 and trying to get more active as I put on a lot due to COVID but I’m getting there.


Hello my name is Nicole, im 26 and a mother of a toddler. I am really excited about this app and forum. I hope this will help me stay motivated about losing weight, and walking more.


Hi all - I can highly recommend it. I have been using the app for a couple of years now and its definitely helped me lose weight and get fitter


Hi all I’m Jade and I’m fairly new to all this but totally love Sweatcoin.


how many coins u got? if u had i for years? :slight_smile:


I currently have 8350 coins


Hi I’m Anthony I’m a security guard that does nothing but walk around all day and I downloaded Sweatcoins again about 8 months ago I have 3952 Sweatcoins Add Me I follow Back AnthonyLujan707510


I download this and ever since I’ve been to safe mode and it helps track my progress during my journey to improve my upper body is trying to prevent adding long transplant surgery. Day bonus of earning money would then and Unfortunately this no longer works


Hi my name is june prefer to be called brandi.


@martin875154 add meeeeeeeee


3100,but should be nearer 4000,but no step conversions etc has slowed my progress


Hi jack. What’s the crack with the £1000 prize being removed? That is not customer satisfaction whatsoever.


Hi, i”m Nguyet from Viet Nam , you can call me Anna. Today is first time i know this program. I really like to ưalk. My target is 3 kms per day. Nice to meet u!


Hi, I’m Kyla. Had this app for awhile, just now learning it better.


Hello everybody I’m new to the community my name is Nick Palmer and I’m from Wells Nevada how is everybody?