Introduce yourself


Hi my name is Kristian. I’m new to Sweatcoin and can’t wait to experiment with this app. Hope you all luck and also get to know one another with y’all


Im joshua. I enjoy exercise an would enjoy being rewarded. Thanx


Hello I’m Ruth I am new to this


Nice to meet you too and you’ve taken the biggest step by joining so goodluck and always make time for yourself somehow everyday it’s good for your mental and physical Wellbeing !!


Hi Hi guys:smiley: super thrilled to be part of the Sweatcoin community! I’m Zakhele Mhlanga, co-founder and COO of Shovebike. I’m an advocate for healthy lifestyle and ecomobility. To a well fortified Healthset:fist:


Hi I’m Jamie and I’m new to sweatcoin and already loving this app!!!


Just a quick welcome to all the new users joining the fast growing Sweatcoin community forum. So many Sweatcoiners, both new and old :grin:

It’s awesome to see so many new names appearing all the time and getting involved in the forum chat.

Happy Chattin’ n’ Happy Sweatcoinin’ yall :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Hey everyone im nicco 29 living in houston tx , i stack this app with pokemon go and loving all of this , use to be military but out now , and heres a kicker , dont get me started on the scooter scene :slight_smile: lol have a blessed day


Hi! My name is Lanai &: I Just recently downloaded this app and so far I like it. I’m on disability so any extra money helps


Hello everyone Safiya here. So a friend of mine just mentioned this week that her daughter was using sweatcoin so I decided to give a try. I’m based in Georgia (USA). Looking forward to putting in more steps and getting paid for it. :hugs: Stop by and say hello.


Hey y’all my name is Rich 882 and I grew up in Buckeye Arizona I now live in Oregon I’m engaged to be married to a fitness coach and I figured if I’m going to be walking an awful lot with her I might as well get paid for it so I’m looking forward to joining up with you guys


hi my name is Rich 882 and I’m 42 years old father five my workout partner is my fiance I live in Oregon I grew up in Buckeye Arizona


Hey im emily i am a graphic art designer and laser engraver



My name is Mette, and is new to this app…
I am from Denmark.


Hi Mette!
I’m glad you joined!:+1:


Hi Metta, thank you! I hope I spelled your name correctly! I’m Tracy. It’s nice to meet you & thanks 4 the welcome.


Hello I’m fairly new to sweatcoin and loving it so far!!!


Welcome to all newbies! Hope everyone is enjoying sweatcoin as much as we are!


Hello I am excited to be here.


Hi, I’m tusshannon shanea johnson :writing_hand: