Introduce yourself


@Siddhesh @N8izhere
Welcome aboard!


Thanks, much love.
Let me know if I can be of any assistance.


Hi guys I am Lanny Skilling a newbie glad to be here, I hope to get to know each and everyone here as soon as possible and to learn more about the sweat coin thanks!:grinning:


Hello all, I’m @MimiLBZ-1 and I’m new to this. Didn’t even know it was a app like this. Most definitely spreading the word :100:


Hi guys I’m Kai and I’m a student Teacher. I’ve been using Sweatcoin since last year and I’ve been making little but good progress. I’m not a very active person in terms of physical activity but this app kinda motivates me to be more active


@Loco @Kai @MimiLBZ-1 welcome to the community!


Hello everyone!. I’m Elizabeth. I live in Ohio, USA. I just found the Sweatcoins app a couple weeks ago. I walk a lot every day. Being a mother to 3 boys keeps me on the move. You can find me on fb @ elizabeth erin, and please follow me on SC! I will do the same. :raising_hand_woman:t3:


Welcome @Ewally! Good to have you here!


Hello I’m kiaira I’m new to sweatcoin and just wanted to say hi


Hi im Cat and new to sweatcoin


Hi im stephanie i dig sweatcoin, been at it for a little while. Nice to meet everyone.


Hello :slight_smile:
Looking to add people, feel free to add me!
Im @ pamela494765 (:smile:


Same here… wana share your first experience? Would like to learn from you


I’m V nice to meet you


Hello everyone im amanda. First time user. Im not sure what to expect but im hoping to gain a little support.


Hello everyone,I’m new member her from Philippines, will I’m Marice Roldan 33 yrs of old…:upside_down_face:


Hi! My name is David Raphael Silveira Tessis and I’ve been having some issues with the step tracker on my Android Samsung Galaxy S9+. I wonder where I can find some help to solve this issue.

I am a tarot reader and a certified life coach, and I’m always on the lookout for potential partners!


Hi my name is keeley i have chevirlegs lets have fun!`


Hi my name is Savannah I joined this group to find out what’s going on? Where have the bucket list rewards went they disappeared off my page, and I would have thought they just sold out. Except my friend recently signed up for sweatcoin and they have bucket list items…,…hmmmmmmmmm :thinking:
Can someone explain
what’s going on here?


Hello Im Amanda and I joined to motivate me to walk more since i have a hard time breathing slometimes! Thanks for letting me join!