Introduce yourself


I’d say I went for the Lamborfeeties but at this speed nobody’s gonna buy it!



Hey, Sweatcoiners,
My name is Suzanne and I’m brand new. My daughter told Me about this 2 hours ago.
I live in a Coastal Community of Washington State, and LOVE TO WALK.
The scenery here is beautiful, and it’s not ALWAYS raining.
Thanks for the opportunity.


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My name it’s Yesenia I new in this soo I like too walk … and make new friends


Hi! My name is Quin and I have recently joined sweatcoin to get a feel of how it works!!


Hi Im Mary, mum of one and married

Joined Sweatcoin in the summer of 2020. I enjoy getting paid for walking. My my

Its a bit hard to exercise when your kids at home from school until half term. Any of you in the same boat???


Hi I’m Rachel from :philippines:

I don’t know how to use this app :sweat_smile::v:


Hi my username is trr545254 add me please!!


Hi! My name is Angela, and I wanted to reach out to say hello. I’m a high school coach ,PE, and Health teacher.

I’m excited to say I had all my students and athletes get an app to keep track of their steps. The home teaching is new to us all and has its struggles. I wanted my classes to have fun while moving, a community for support, and set goals. I recommended this app as my favorite :star_struck: (of course can use what they want).

I want to report of my 245 students and 95 athletes only a few are not on. I’m excited for my new journey and for my students and athlete. I believe this will help and bring some joy to their daily activities.

I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy at this scary time.

With love :orange_heart:-chicago :closed_book:teacher​:pencil2:


This is a awesome way to use the app.

I’m not too sure if the creation of groups and invitation links are working at the moment. I remember there was a problem but I haven’t tried joining any groups and I don’t know if anybody has tried joining the group I set up. I don’t know for sure but I could imagine that the group features like creating a selection of user groups and making use of the leaderboards and group challenges might prove quite useful in helping motivate students.

Happy Sweatcoinin’ :sunglasses::+1:t4:

@Ashton @emma Sorry to tag but thought you might know if the group features are back up and running again.


If anyone knows how to use a group setting - please help. I would love to put them in groups or have them challenge.


With the current Auction scheme, some top steppers might not like to be ‘‘spied’’ upon by others or their progress might become predictable … just my personal opinion.

I miss the old followed and following listing where all can view each others’ steps but that was like gone for maybe over a year now for android users


Hey I’m Dawn a buddy told me about sweat coin over a year ago said it was easy to earn rewards so I signed up & I like it. Keeps me active & the things you can purchase are pretty cool too.


I agree, so far I don’t think I’ve come across any posts welcoming the removal of the Friends Leaderboard feature. I’ve only ever seen people asking about Wesley can view and share activity amongst friends and the motivational aspects of a little friendly competition. Although we don’t see comments from all platforms so can’t assume that the forum is the only source of feedback. In any case, it’s definitely a feature I would personally like to see brought back as I know I have benefited from it when setting my own goals and the motivation it gave to so many users.

I don’t know what information is actually shown in the auctions feature as it has not yet been rolled out across influence accounts. However, if it is the same as the profile info as viewed on iOS devices, it will only show how many steps a person takes (with averages etc.) and how many coins they have generated in total, not necessarily how many coins they have in their wallet to bid with. Of course, I could be wrong here as I haven’t seen it yet. I’m sure you know what I mean :man_facepalming:


Hi Jack, my name is Jonathan, I joined sweatcoin to save and earn coins. I am passionate about fitness and the idea of earning and saving while working out is what brought me to download the app in the first place. Since I can’t generate my own electricity yet while doing cardio I’ll stick with earning coins instead :grinning:. Love seeing the app change since 2016!



Hi, my name is Emil, I am 31 years old and I come from Perugia (Italy). I am a former boxer, I had to quit after shoulder surgery and have been dedicated to running ever since. I usually prefer to train on the treadmill because where I live, running on the street is dangerous, so when I’m outside I prefer to walk. Last month a friend of mine advised me to download this App, and lately I’m starting to take it seriously, the only problem is that I can only accumulate 50 sweatcoins per day excluding bonuses …!


Emil1990 - you’re AMAZING :star_struck:


Hey everyone! I’m Michael.

I’m excited to be part of this super thriving community. I joined because I was introduced to Bitcoin, and since then, I’ve become a crypto junkie that loves keeping up with all things’ crypto. I love accumulating crypto like crazy, so this app is just right.

I’ll tell you a little about me now…

I’m 33 and a Software Engineer. I love backpacking, hiking, and traveling. I spent most of my 20s backpacking around Australia and New Zealand. I’ve always had a passion for music and have been playing guitar since I was a child. My favorite candy/snack would have to be Sour Patch Kids and Arroz con Leche. Lets’ get our sweat on!


Hey Guys

Im Greg, 19 and from germany

I walk a lot and my hobbies are coding, writing, drawing and am soon starting to make my own music :wink:


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