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Welcome to the community!


Huge welcome to the community to all our newest members! :smiley:


Hi! I’m Jenny. New to this app. Still learning. Im always on the go, so it might as well count.


WOW! How many hours does it take you to get to 120,000 steps in one day? Isn’t that just constantly walking all day long?


I woke up early in the morning and finished late in the evening, which unfortunately I can only do 2 or 3 times a year, when I am not working, therefore during the Christmas period or the summer. This summer I want to do a nice Nordic Walking route of at least 2 days, stopping only for the time to pitch the tent and sleep 4 hours, but I would like to find a crazy person who does it with me.


Hi Emil, I’m a lot like you in that way. I have a strong desire to walk constantly but I need a lot more sleep than 4 hours. :grin: How many steps do you normally get in?
Take care



That’s unbelievably impressive! You are definitely the Sweatcoin KING! You must have a job that requires you to walk all the time.


You would think that activity might reflect the type of job. I guess that in many cases you might possibly be right.
More and more people now work from home and have a more flexible and active work environment.

Standing Desks
Treadmill Desks
Cycling Desks
Wobble Stools
Balance Boards

All of these kind of things have become increasingly more popular in home offices. Just gotta remember that when you’re on the clock, the work comes first… If you’re using the screen for a Netflix binge, knock up the speed a little more. :sunglasses::+1:t4:

As a general rule, my job is a full-time desk job. Although, I am rarely found sitting down or stationary when working.

Activity is good for the body and the mind.


The same goes for me, when I work most of the time I use it at the computer or sitting in front of a desk, but this has its advantages, when I finish work I have all the time and energy to do physical activity.


Very true :sunglasses::sunglasses:. Different people do things in different ways to stay active. The important thing is to make sure that if you are in a job that’s typically static work, that you get up for regular breaks and move round a little. Everything about the human body points towards movement.

I’ve lived the sedentary lifestyle myself and allowed physical conditions to get worse to the point every little movement caused pain.
My first year using Sweatcoin I completed my 20,000 steps (as was the membership max pre trouble maker) with a walking stick. However, eventually managed to build myself to a point where I no longer need a stick.

Admittedly, I’ve become a little too obsessed with finding and pushing my own limits. I wouldn’t personally recommend taking things to quite the same extremes as I did.

I was actually relieved when I saw you post 120,000 steps, it may not quite have been above my own personal record but I don’t seem quite as much of a lunatic


Hi and thank you for being the easiest way for me to keep track of my progress it always remind be how much and how little I exercise and it gets me motivated to do more plus it’s fun to earn sweatcoins I’m luis and thank you for a new way to live healthy


Julia trying to earn cool stuff


Hey guys, Jonathan here. Been using the app for almost 2 years now. Figured I would jump in the community forums and start getting more actively engaged.


Hey my name is @FenrisWulf I would love to make me friends see add me! I’d love to meet you


Hi I’m roy nice to see you guys


Hi my name is Gavin and I have earned 20+ usd already


Hey fellow sweaters. Lol. Im new to this all and look forward to meeting new people while getting back in shape. This is like the perfect app if u want to stay active with new people and still stay safe during this pandemic. I hope to make some new friends and im ready to make some money while exercising and sweating


My name is cherie. I am new. Wanna walk to donate.


@Bamachick4 I’m from Mississippi but now live in Alabama. I’m a single mom with two boys at home and my daughter is living on her own now. :slight_smile: