Introduce yourself


I’m 32 years old, born and raised in CONNELLSVILLE PA… My husband of 13 years and I have 1 ANGEL in Heaven named Riley and 2 FurBabies named LuLu and DexTeR!!


Hi Team.
I am Henning.
I am a medical Doctor.
So i started uaing Sweatcoin about a month ago.
And it has changed my life.
(everyone thinking “yea right”) well time for the back story.
I was very active before 2014. Running almost every day, swimming, going to the gym when i’m not running etc… Bit of a junky really.
Then i injured my back. Popped a disk and ever since then i’ve kinda lost my groove. I was scared to start again because i didn’t want my back to get worse. Sure there were exercises i could do, but no real mileage.
The only time i actually reached my step goal (10k steps) was on Call in the Hospital when i was running up and down.
Then i saw an advert of Sweatcoin.
Initially it didn’t move as much, but the idea of “earning when walking” got me back on my feet.
Initially only walking when i had a break during the day. Then a bit more after work.
Then i decided to go all in, (and why not?) so i activated my troublemaker status and made a concious decision to start exercising more. I started jogging again (like a snail LOL) started waking uo early to get an extra few steps in, AND even got my wife exercising with me.
Now both of us are more active than before, feeling more healthy, and it got us looking at our diets as well.
I am excited to see how much more i can improve, and its all thanks to this amazing idea of making your steps count and actually seeing the value thereof. (notnjust in sweatcoins, but in life as well)
Thank you sweatcoin. You impacted my life forbthe better.
I hope others have the same positive experience as i had/having/will continue to have.

Side note: I am looking for Active TroubleMakers to encourage and help me on this journey.


There is definitely a true value to the regular exercise well beyond any offers or auctions in the marketplace.

I am another user who has overcome backpain and restricted mobility thanks to Sweatcoin. You also come across a number of others on the forum who have been using Sweatcoin to assist with motivation in recovery following injury, surgery and long term mobility issues. It’s always nice to read about others who have gained great benefit from regular healthy exercise.

Feel free to add me in the app if you wish… My username is the same as it is here…
or you can even type my username into your mobile web browser and add by invite (assuming it still works)


Thanks for the kind words.
Looking forward to meeting new people taking the “Long walk to freedom” of body problems.
Ps. I am following you on the App. ^^


My name is Jason I joined to just give it a shot see what it’s about I’m from Pennsylvania


Good for you! I’m so happy that you are doing well and enjoying life once again after injuring yourself. Your story is quite inspirational and I loved and thoroughly enjoyed reading it very much! Thank you immensely for sharing your experiences with Sweatcoin and how much it’s helped you, and for telling us about yourself and your life. Have a wonderful day and take care!


Please feel free to add this active troublemaker who has serious back, knee, and foot issues yet i still walk despite everything. To me the more we sit the closer to death we are.


Hello Everyone.! I’m Nail. I’m From Maldives. Hope everyone is fine and if not, Know that its life and hopefully things will workout just fine. If not, God has a better plan for you. Don’t give up.!

Anyway i came to know about sweatcoins through youtube. And i thought of trying it since there is no harm and you don’t really have to do anything that you already do everyday. Moreover you get discounts and gift cards. etc. so why not try this. So far i think its really great and since i walk alot on daily basis, i think its a great app for me. Also you get to stay fit and healthy. Makes you happier and better. Good Job Team Sweatcoin. :facepunch: :heart: