Introduce yourself


Hey guys, I’m Giorgio and I’m form Italy, currently I am studying as an exchange student in Norway since January. I started with sweat coin since October 2018.


Cool! But I don’t trust any of these people actually. I have been scammed before, with an in-game item for a Steam code, and I just cannot trust anybody anymore. Once it happens to you, you keep an eye out on everything and everyone.


Hi, I am Ryan Noronha I am 17 years and I am pursuing my pre university studies in commerce at St Aloysius PU College, mangalore, India. I downloaded this app with some referral from instagram I thought why not check it out. I was weighing 103.8 kg,s now I weigh 98. For me that’s a great change thank you sweatcoin for giving a purpose to walk


Great to see so many new sweatcoiners from all over the world - that’s what it’s all about! :earth_africa: :running_woman:t4:


Big welcome to: @Ski77, @Dracilla, @GiorgioCaffe, @justinzwijns & @Ryanchris1745 :raised_hands:


I just downloaded this app. I live in Ireland and have a Sony Ericsson X. When I went out for my walk this morning, no steps were recorded by the Sweatcoin app even though I walked 8.5 km.
Is there something I need to do to activate the app or should it be able to track steps from the time it’s installed ?


Hey @Sandy369!

This should help you!:


Thanks! I’ve set that up. I’ll get out for a walk at lunch and see if it worked.


It was still not working, then I restarted my phone just in case. Now my steps are being recorded !!!
Yay!! Thanks for your help!


Perfect! Thanks for letting us know! :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m Isaiah a nursing school student who wanted to get in shape. I found out about the app, and I love the chance to earn rewards for walking. Win win!


@CapIzzy Welcome to the sweatcoin forum! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone I’m here to walk my face off and aim for that 20,000 Sweatcoins!! I love to walk either way whether it’s for fun, exercise, or just for work! I’m excited to start this app as I’m sure everyone else is to!


Hello Jack,
My name is InsaneOptimist and I am a serious walker.


Yo! I’ve use the app before which I made some cash converting my swcoins. I would like to do it again. How can I convert it to cash now???


Hi guys. I’m Tammi. I currently live in norther Nevada, USA. I just found the Sweatcoins app a couple days ago. I walk almost every day at the Carson River.


Hello! My name is Wanda. My sister was the one who told me that i can get paid to walk…so she referred me to this. I work at a Jiffy Lube so im always constantly moving all around the shop. Too bad you can’t convert steps into cash tho. Lol.


Hi, I am new on forum and I want to introduce myself but I cant find where. I am also not used to Participate in any forums so my problem could be a little silly to you. I don’t know how this works (I’am still learning…). If you could just help me how and where to start (which button to pres :grin:) thx, Tanja


Ok now I see how :grin::joy:
I’m Tanja from Slovenia and I have joined to this community two weaks ago and I’m glad to. I like outdoors activities, especially walking around with my dog at the countryside or to do different sports like rollerblading, Sup. My passion is traveling and exploring other countries where I can walk long distancies and there this app will come in hand very much! I lowe nature and animals and be an owner of few. You can also follow me at Instagram @ttania_hro or on Twitter @Ttaniah1 where you can also see photos from my hiking and my loved animals! :dog2::cat::lizard::snake::spider::paw_prints:


Hello, I am Kenechukwu from Nigeria. Nice to meet you all