Introduce yourself


My phone was dead. Did it still count my steps?


Just found Replay button… Hard to see it here :D. Hello everyone, I’ll be a new member of sweatcoin :slight_smile:


Hola Rob!

Soy usurario desde hace dos meses, muy activo… consiguiendo monedas diarias compartiendo mi enlace, realizando compras etc.

Hace tres días la app no registra el movimiento, el resto funciona correctamente.

He realizado todos los consejos y he desistalado 7 veces y vuelto a instalar y sigue igual, no registra el movimiento!


Hi everyone, I’m ted . I love to walk and to get something for free from doing that is a bonus :+1:


Hello Ted,
I am Insane . I like walking and earning prizes.


Now there is a little first class honesty for an introduction :sunglasses::+1:t4:


@InsaneOptimist You better make an insane amount of steps a day then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome all. Wow! So many new people here :smile: You’ll never walk alone :crazy_face:


Hi my name is Kerry and Ionly recently started using sweatcoin as I love walking and the app that is built In to my mobile showed me just how much so I looked on play store to see if there was a app that would pay me for all the walking li do and I found sweatcoin and loved c pi s who doesn’t want to get paid for something you do anyway? :wink:


Exactly right? Some may step further than others but always rewarding.


Hi sweatcoins are a good way to get to saving


Hey I’m serena, and I’ve been on sweatcoin for more than a year now