Introduce yourself


So great to see all these new faces! Welcome all! :hugs:


Hi I’m Angie. A friend told me about the app. Trying to see how it works. I noticed today I was charged a 5% commission. I don’t remember reading about commission. Please explain.


Yep that’s very normal. Everyone has that. I dont really care, its always been that way since I use Sweatcoin.


Hello everyone im jurgen ,i decided to give this a go since i got rid of my car 3 years ago and theres alot of walking to do with 2 young kids lol


Welcome Jurgen!! I can imagine :wink:


Hello everybody myn name is Pascal i use sweatciins since 1 year i married en have 2 Boys
I’m in the army


I am Michael just started using? Any tips?


I joined because my partner invited me. We formed the habit of walking together when we had an English Bulldog. Now we still return to our old neighbourhood to walk because it is relaxing.

Sometimes I have walked far. Regina, Saskatchewan, to Toronto, Ontario. South rim to North rim of Grand Canyon. Chelsea, Gatineau, to Ottawa, Ontario. Up and down some small mountains around Canmore and Banff, Alberta.

Oh yeah, I wonder if this app will work when I cross country ski. :sweat_drops:


Hi Angie,
From my understanding the best way to think of it is that sweatcoin is generated by the physical movement of people. As opposed to a standard currency that gets exchanged or gold or however it’s done now. The point is they are not just numbers entered into a computer. In order to thrive and grow the company has to fund research, development and keep the app free to download. Costs mount up and need to be paid for somehow. I think the best example that we can see as users is the free reward coins available to every user every day. Initially this was one point each day, now you can build up streaks.
5% isn’t really a great deal when you think about it. Every user, even the creators have to physically earn their Sweatcoins through movement and pay out for their membership levels. They experience the same issues and even more than us mere minions.


Ok well ashton if yoy can access me and my issies with this app to make it a nano story .this is the gist .my converaion rate and step count are below 30 percent .ive tried everything support has been no help .my phone model is a samsung orbit j3. Hope you might be able to help


I think it will. I don’t think anyone has tried that here though. Maybe it wont work because there might be no signal. Im not too sure. Welcome btw :smiley:


It’s great to see new faces come here from all over the globe :earth_africa:. What a wonderful community we have. Here’s to the future of sweatcoin with us the community and devs behind it :+1:


Hi my name is Melissa,I recently started this APP, because of my oldest daughter, while I was visiting her an my grandson for Easter. An I’m not to fimiliar with it still but learning slowly. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.


Just keep walking :slight_smile: There are some people with conversion problem you might run into as well. The best way to get to know Sweatcoin better is by checking out a few things here. Read the active forums is my hint.


Hi my name is Melissa, I recently joined the group on Easter weekend, while I was visiting my daughter an grandson.


Hi everybody I’m CG I just started this sweatcoin I love it Rada Rada Rada Rada keep moving…


Hi Cg hope u enjoy this app


Hello everyone, my name is Tameika and i just recently joined Sweatcoins earlier this month and enjoy keeping up with my progress. Peace and Blessings to all.



Kim here! I joined to add more fun/funds to my new lifestyle. Currently just adding more raw foods to my diet and practicing yoga! So far I’m having fun. I find myself constantly giggling to myself when I walk some where without my phone and get upset cause I could have had my steps counted lol! I would like to start a daily or weekly challenge with my followers. I wonder if that’s possible on the app? :thinking: Anyways I send love and high vibes to all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:


Hmmmm following this.