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Good morning my name is Brandi I am am having a big trouble trying to understand how all this works I understand that I walk and earn sweatcoins but I’m reading other things and says turn sweatcoins into money or turn this into that and I’ve been searching and I cannot find any help can you please help me thank you


@Brandy If you’re talking about the Cash Out feature, it’s an exclusive update that released 3-4 months ago only to select users in the United Kingdom. If you’re in the USA you probably won’t get it anytime soon. If you saw an advertisement seeing claimable gift cards or PayPal, you’ve been mislead. As of now, the only claimable PayPal/Bank Transfer offer is $1,000 for 20,000 earned sweatcoins. Which means don’t waste any money investing into it only to find you can’t claim that offer. The gift card offers have been MIA for a little less than a year I think. Best you can do now, is just keep the app open when you walk and get some earned SWCs up and maybe claim a nice small offer in the marketplace after a few months, but if it’s taking space or draining your battery don’t get too involved in the app until you see some good news or big updates.


Hello Guys! It’s Mazen! You may know me as supermaz on Sweatcoin App. Basically, I am very addicted to sweatcoin app providing that I am a new user. However, I can tell how much did this app impact my daily activities. It keeps me always motivated! Many thanks for the co-founder and all the team behind the success of this app. In fact, I am so hungry to get to know each user of this app and accordingly, I have created an unofficial channel with an unofficial logo for the Sweatcoin community aiming to get to know each other, share our experience, stay motivated, and improve our engagements on Instagram and all social media. I will leave the channel’s link below for those who interested to join. Looking forward to getting to know you all. Cheers! God Bless!


Hello @supermazz :slight_smile:
it’s great the app has boosted your activity :upside_down_face: I’d like to introduce you to a discord server, it already has thousands of people for you to meet :slight_smile: click to join
also, there’s a subreddit,


Hello my name is Brandon, I joined Sweatcoin in July of 2017, and I am in the top 10% of sweatcoiners. :smiling_imp:


Welcome aboard Sir :wave:t4::sunglasses:


Hi I’m John, and I’m here for news of Trouble Maker release (currently target 25k steps per day)


lol @Andrew why does everyone use your logo


Hello! My name is Jordan, and I get most of my steps in at Friedrich Wilderness in San Antonio :grin:


Late reply, but here are some tips. Try to walk away from tall buildings and trees since they can create gps shade which results in less steps tracked and/or a lower step conversion rate. Keep the phone on you aka in your pocket to help your step conversion rate.


Also, if you want to max out the number of Sweatcoins you earn daily based on the membership you chose, you factor in the 5% commission and that’s the additional amount of outside steps you need to do to max out as a guide. Step conversion rate is a factor too. If your step conversion rate is low, you may need to walk more outside steps in addition to the 5% commission that’s accounted for to max out.