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Hello I’m Arin I’m in KY Of the United States and it’s not glorious as you might think ! But I. Seriously motivated my this whole sweatcoin app and I am trying to get all my friends and family in on it.


Hey y’all I’m Duff. Just joined the forum.


I’m Kiara , I’m from Mississippi. Also im a college student


Hey, my name is Jaadhulla and I’m from Maldives.
I have heard about sweatcoin few years ago but didn’t give it a try.
But since I have been using the app I have been walking more and gives me a reason to go out and enjoy!
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Love Sweacoin appjust wish it worked better with android device. But still walking​:sunglasses::muscle::v:


Hi my name is Mute from Canada. I love sweat coin