Introducing myself!


Hi, my name is Mate!! This is my first day using this app… I wish I can get some nice presents with this app!!


Welcome to the community! Feel free to take a look around and familiarise yourself with some of our awesome staff and users :smiley:


Welcome to Sweatcoin, Mate! :slight_smile:


Hi Emma, how r u ? :wink:


Welcome Mate!:grinning:…I found that it makes you want to walk more…or at least a little more conscious of getting your steps in lol.




Hello my name is Nicole, i am 26 years old and have a toddler. I am looking forward to this helping me in my weight loss journey.


Hi! Kyle from America. Also on IG @kylemarisaroth


Ello mate wassup wit it my guy


Haha I’m a girl where are you from


Hi, I’m Kristin, from Ontario, Canada. I’ve had the app for over a year now but only just discovered this community site. This is my first post, I guess, lol. I’m loving that they are really starting to add great things to the market on the app. When I first joined there was next to nothing and now I’m seeing new stuff all the time. Hopefully I can get to know how to navigate this community site. I’m not great at it so far! Lol


Welcome to everyone who introduced themselves here! :slight_smile:


@DaveUK surprised you ain’t questioned her yet about being a auction winner lmao.


Leave it with me lol


Hello. I’m Carl Truong from Vietnam and a newbie here. Loving jogging and gym so I think I’ll learn a lot from you in this community.


Welcome Carl, good to see you!


Bila sam član pre par godina kada smo 0objaviljivali i lajkovali slike i snimke…Kako sad funkcioniše ?


Hey ! I’m Jen from Ontario too ! Welcome to sweatcoin nice to finally see someone so close to me on here !


My name is Vanessa I don’t no much about this app 1st time giving it a go