Invites Won’t Count


I love this app so far but my invites apparently do not. Every time I invite a friend it says I have recurved it but in reality I have not. I didn’t get my 5 Sweatcoins from it, and when I try to cash out I says I have 7/12 invites instead of 8/12. Please someone help


Really sorry to hear this @Strawberry.
if someone hasjoined but not counted could you please ask them to tap on the invite link again - this should count them for sure!!!


HOLD UP WHY AM I ONLY ALLOWED TO RECEIVE MY 6 DOLLARS ONCE? Dont you want me to invite people? You guys are making it so I cant claim my 6 dollar reward more than twice!


Your seriously back to making 5 threads a week over 6$… bro if your stressing this much over 6$ delete the sweatcoin app lol.


Dude I wasnt asking for your opinion, I love the app, I just want to know why they only allow u to cash out once


No need for the 5/6 threads though. Your banging on over 6$. :joy::joy:. All you do is create thread after thread moaning.