Is "1500 sweat coins" per month real?


I have started to use at the beginning of January. I am a real walker, love to walk… I have been trying to understand the Sweat coins. It gives a great feeling; walking to gain coins. Honestly what I see is; it is impossible to collect 50 coins per day, or 1500 coins per month. I haven’t seen anyone post like they gain around 1000 per month. What do you think???


Yeah people get 50 coins a day easy.


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It is definitely possible to earn at least 50SWC per day, even without any bonus Sweatcoins. To earn the full 50swc you will have to subscribe to the trouble maker membership but unlike other membership levels, this rewards double the sweat coins for your steps. So it will only take a little over 26,000 steps per day to maximise your earnings at this level.
There are three chances each day for bonuses between 0 and 1000 SWC just by watching 3 short videos. Although users have been known to be lucky enough to receive the 1000swc bonus in the daily draw, there are also uses have had the misfortune to draw the big fat zero with great frequency (myself included) :rofl:
On top of that, there is a daily Boost Bonus available, theres a monthly draw for users that meet their monthly goal (set in the resolutions section) and every so often, there are competitions/draws On this forum offering a a chance to win a few extra Sweatcoins.



It is a pretty good description for the app. Thanks to inform. It looks like “Trouble Maker” really cause some trouble with coins. I have a “Shaker” membership, that means I need to upgrade my membership. On the other hand, What I don’t understand is; It is written like there is a potential for every membership to have 1500 coins per month. but it is impossible with Mover, Shaker, Quaker.

Anyway, I like to use the app, I keep using it. Hope to have some gifts near future… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and effort. Enjoy to walk with SweatCoin :smile:


Bro I only earn 10 sweatcoins a day on average sometimes a bit more


I understand exactly where you’re coming from here, sounds to me more like clever wording because although it’s not technically possible to do it with steps alone, using the bonuses if you have an extremely lucky month of bonus draws, with the daily bonus being from a possible 1000 per draw then it is possible with member levels other than the troublemaker. Don’t forget that if you are walking between 15-20k steps regularly you can use The coins you have earned to pay for the subscriptions rather than paying ‘actual currency’ for the troublemaker. Earning may not be as fast but some users (myself included) had already earned close to 20,000 coins when the trouble maker was introduced. .


Yes if you are marathon enough. I had months with more than 1500 if daily boost is included


Today’s daily bonus


Started to use the app: January 8.
Membership: Shaker
Steps: at least 11000 everyday. (that means 10 SC)
Max Video bonus gained (until today): 8 SC
Max Daily Boost Bonus gained: 2.10 SC

Is this great for a month???


Probably not mate lol


Pretty good mate I walk around that much a day too so yeah


Hello, I don’t pay the $0.99 for the 50 coins a day cuz I just don’t walk that much, but I know people who do. I am on the 20 per day program as I hit that goal about once to 3 times a week with my job. And that well more than pays for its self. Now, I don’t get to many coins to fast but it dose add up over time and I donate a lot. I will probably never get a full 600 in a month and I don’t think I would pay the $0.99 to get up to the 1500 per month but it still all adds up in the end.


yes you can have it. I also managed that and donated everything over 12,000 sweatcoin to Africa…

But I don’t find sweatcoin very sincere after all.!

They could be even better.!


LOL I got the how many steps were there in 2021 January by doing math. Wow I can’t believe it worked