Is 2x boost multiplied by 4 when I am paying for troublemaker?


I feel like the 2x boost makes no sense when I am paying for troublemaker, doesn’t feel fair to me. Or is it actually multiplied by 4 and do I just have a bad conversion?


The boost is applied as additional earnings on top of the trouble maker limit. So, now you can earn up to 55swc through exercise plus the 3 chances at the daily bonus. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Well… not necessarily 5coins from the bonus a day.

That 2x boost makes zero sense.
You get 1.17 coins for 1.7k steps? At 2x?
Should be 3-3.4coins.
personally I thought the daily excercise was fine 5 coins for 20 minutes excercise… seems fair.

Being ON trouble maker 1.5k steps gets me 2.75coins roughly ish.

@Phatt.One I won’t be surprised if you get 20K coins within a year lol you walk like a tank if I lived near you your be my dog walker


Lol… to be honest, it would probably be quite cruel of me to start walking dogs. I remember the Christmas before last, I took my sisters Husky/Japanese Akita crossbreed out for walkies and ended up carrying a little blighter back home after he quit on me.

With regards to times x2 exercise bonus, don’t forget you already earn the initial converted steps, the bonus simply matches what do you earned during the timer period. I have to admit I’m now thinking what will happen when I activate the timer today. Im on around 33k at moment but with the tendons at my knee having me a great deal slower and more cautious, I didn’t see the point in activating the x2 bonus.
Now if I activate it, technically I will be earning nothing because I’m already over the cap. i wonder if it will mean that I will learn 0x2=0 bonus or will I get the matching to what I would have earned had I still been within conversion… i’ll post an update when or if I found out :rofl:.


@Phatt.One gonna work as you expect, your earnings from steps will be capped (as usual), however you will receive bonus from approved steps.

@Kyle93 2x means that you get your typical earnings from the step, which is reflected on today’s screen and in the wallet in conversion history. However, you additionally receive amount your earned within this 20 min interval as a bonus, which is reflected in the wallet as bonus. Which gives you in total 2x.


Lol… well that spoiled the surprise :rofl:. Only messin, I had sort of figured that’s how it would play out :sunglasses::+1:t4: There is one thing that does have me stumped… is the Apple watch factored into the x2 Bonus at all or does it only apply to the mobile app counter? I tried it a couple of nights back and stopped the watch just before the 20 minutes were up but at the moment it’s pretty difficult to take an accurate measure of what’s actually happening. I’ve messed my knee up a bit so as a consequence my gait is allover the place with half hobbling, limping, stopping and starting. It’s a wonder any steps actually got verified this past week or so :rofl:


Got new sweatcoin app and dont see friends steps or leaderboard?


Hey! This was removed in a recent update, to make way for an even better social hub we have planned :slight_smile: