Is it me or does sweatcoin only properly exchanges steps for sweatcoins at sea level?


Well, not that I walk at a really high altitude, but I’ve been testing the app recently and making a few experiments. If anyone else has similar results please do comment about it. I have the Stepbet app to make some cash and it registers my steps using google fit. Comparing the counted number of steps with Google fit, the sweatcoin app is pretty much the same when counting steps. Of course when I wanna exchange them for sweatcoins I’ve discovered they only exchange properly when I walk and exchange them in the first floor of my house. I almost always read on the 4th floor, sometimes 5th, and when I do this I almost certainly get 0 sweatcoins (even 10,000 steps became 0 sweatcoins).

After that I tried the following, walking around 300 steps on the 4th floor and exchanging them in the first, and voila I got the entire value of sweatcoins per step. I still have to try this with higher step counts. I’ll do a 4000 step count and see how the exchange goes.

Have fun figuring out the app, like I am doing XD


Intriguing… I’ve got to admit altitude is not something I’d thought about really making a noticeable difference. Certainly outdoors I have never really experienced what’s the variance in conversion.
I’m going to guess that you’re working with an android device given the Google Fit reliance. Which android device and build version of Android are you using?
As far as I’m aware, in the verification of steps hasn’t officially been rolled out fully on the Android Platform. I don’t know you are amongst the few that are testing the beta algo or not but it could just be that you are lucky enough to have some of your indoor steps verified.


Mine is a huawei eva l09 and android 7. Recently the app asked me if I wanted to sync it with Google fit. I didn’t know there was an option for that. I did it. Still the difference between 4th and 1st floor of my home is 1/4 to 4/5 of the steps respectively. It didn’t change when I did the steps on the top floor and exchanged it on the first. Maybe it’s a glitch, I hope they fix it because I really don’t like to walk/study on the first floor (people making noise).