Is there a way to see total steps walked since I joined sweatcoin


Ive had several phones since i joined up on sweatcoin my first broke after i was told i had 600;000 + steps since joining even months away from being with sweatcoin a year. After that later phones just give me steps i done on them if lucky i was wondering is there a way to see total steps i walked since i have joined or see what i have done in a year without having previous phones telling me just what i walked with that singular phome?


Hi @Lorienza1, I checked on my app, could you go on your profile and scroll down, there’s a « total steps converted « indicator. In theory you should have your total step number that have been converted since you have had the app , as long as you didn’t change your phone number . Looks a bit like this

However , its only the steps that have been converted not all the steps you Walked (some of the steps are not being converted and that I do not know Why :unamused:)
Hope this helps!


Looks like that is for IOS only.


@Lorienza1 @Mariacubucuria

I know it isn’t based on the converted steps but if you are interested in seeing your progression, the new Insights feature can hold some quite useful comparison figures.

For example, The image below shows how many steps I’d taken by the same time on New Year’s Eve the previous year.

It is definitely worth taking a look a some of the new features if you are interested in viewing your progress over time.

Plus, the New Year resolution feature is a great way to set and plot a path to reach your goals for the future.

I appreciate this isn’t directly responding to the question asked but seemed like it may be of interest.

Happy Sweatcoinin’ :sunglasses::+1:t4:


@Phatt.One you walked 21millions steps last year (i guess some are boosts etc), still! That’s a crazy amount.

Doesnt living your life get in the way?


Lol no, that doesn’t involve any boosts, insights only show the activity whereas things like bonuses and boosts only add the coins not the actual steps.

In honesty, 21 million is most likely a quite far reduced figure. Since the beginning of October I’ve been having a problem that causes the healthkit to remove all data generated using the mobile phone any time I put the apple watch on. A prime example of this is A few days back where my counter was showing 48,000 but as soon as the watch went on my wrist, the counter rolled right back to 6,000 steps.
As I was chasing the goal of approximately 50k to a marathon equivalent each day and there is only been a handful of days since February that I have not completed the goal it seems quite obvious that there is a problem somewhere as since October, very few days actually show the full counter. Looking at the results of the last three months in another application, I can see that around 4-5 million steps are missing from the healthkit.

It is a little frustrating but I’m not going to let it stand in the way of progress.

Why should being active become a separate entity to living my life?


Fair enough.

However e.g. you need to sit and concentrate to truly enjoy something like Bob’s Burgers.

Anyway enjoy.:+1:

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Not strictly true, I watched the entirety of Bobs Burgers season 10 on Amazon Prime whilst on the treadmill :grimacing:


Actually…we are half way through series 11! - ok ill stop now.


Lol No doubt the series has gone that far but it only got released on Amazon Prime video in the UK a couple of days ago :rofl: