Issues: not counting steps and can't connect to Google fit


Today when I started my walk I had over 1k steps. I enabled the 20 minute work out bonus, half way through I checked the app it was showing zero with the timer counting down. I closed the app and reopened same issue. So I rebooted my phone, it came back with zero steps so far for the day and in the 20 minute bonus had a negative amount. I kept going and after the 20 min bonus was as up it gave me a big fat zero and I still showed zero for the steps for the day. I eventually uninstaller the app and reinstalled. Bonus shows zero, but I can get it to count. However, now I cannot get it to connect to enable Google fit. I select my email and nothing happens.

I lost over 8k today, I am a troublemaker so I lost the 2x bonus.

I list the 20 min work out bounus

And now I will lose out on steps in doors due to the Google fit.

Are there any solutions?


I’m having the exact same issue, I emailed tech support and just got an auto response back, following for a solution, hopefully one of the systems is just having a bug.



Hopefully fixed soon.

Just blows all that bonus I missed out for the day

Updated, Swc team took care of me!


Same issue here. Can’t link my Sweatcoin app to my Google Fit. Lost lot of steps today! Hopefully it’s fixed soon


I’m having the same issue as well! I didn’t do the 20 min boost but i went out for a walk today, about 40 minutes and when I came back it said I had 0 steps! I hope this gets resolved!


sane issue here, really frustrating, hopefully a fix will be out soon


I just tired again, seemed to work.

Now if I could only get all those missing steps back :joy:


Sorry guys, its our fault. We have misconfigured authentication on Google side which led to this issue. Should be fine now. DM me your usernames and how many steps you’ve lost today and I’ll see what I can do!


Sweet will do. Thanks


Me too. I’ve had improper steps converted, and none at all, despite all my settings being set correctly. And customer services or the tech guys, still do nothing. I’ve had this issue for over 3 weeks now. I’ve lost out on at least 300 sweatcoins


I have had this issue since June 24. Just this week it says it can’t see my health counter on my IPhone. Very frustrating.


That is about when mine started doing it also. Days it shows 8000 steps and 32 are counted.


@Guy @Craig89lx this is unrelated to this issue. I’ll close this thread for now as resolved.

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