It’s soon to be a sad day for my feet 😂


My favourite “stomping” Converse are about to join me on their final walk, bless them. We have covered more than a fair few miles these last couple of months and it has taken its toll on them and so the end is nigh :cry:. I was just wondering what do you guys wear/prefer- walking/hiking boots or trainers?xXx


Always emotional when saying goodbye to some nice trainers. Unfortunately mr @Phatt.One has to say goodbye to his shoes way to often I’m sure he can guide you on some brands to go for for comfort and durability.

Me personally I recommend Nike air max 90s but I don’t wear other shoes so best to ask the stepping master :wink:


Thank you @BATMAN321 for the call call to action and lovely call intro. I’m not sure I would go so far as to say stepping master but the thought is appreciated. :sunglasses::+1:t4:

To be honest, like anything in this world a lot of it is down to preference. For instance, I know one Sweatcoiner that loves his Sketchers. Now, I love the Sketchers range. To my mind I had never stepped into a more comfortable shoe. However, I know from experience that for me they are useless for my kinda walking. I gave up trying their ranges after wearing out complete tread on one pair of sketchers in two days! In the UK if you pay £70-£80 for a pair of trainers you expect them to last more than a couple of days. Lets face it, my kinda use and fashion trainers aren’t the answer. That doesn’t necessarily say that they are useless to all but after walking quite literally through a fair few pairs across the different ranges, I can’t say that they’re no good for me.

I found the best approach was to look at what kind of activity you are actually doing, what sort of ground you are stomping, the way in which you are stomping (technique), How far you are doing the stomping and how often.

I wouldn’t claim to be an expert but I have had a lot of experience of the last couple of years and still have not managed to find a pair of trainers that will last me over a month. I have tried hiking boots but for the distances I personally walk, hiking boots really are not supposed to be worn for that length of time I find them bulky, heavy, limited in terms of flexibility on the sole, with limited ventilation for your feet to breathe .

Most of my steps take place on concrete, paving or tarmac. Essentially pavements and roads. I do find myself on gravel quite often but it is usually walkways and footpaths.

For this kind of walking and running I tend to favour Roadrunners. It was thanks to a conversation with one of the guys at Sweatcoin that I decided to try out the Asics was range of footwear.

The great thing I found about Asics is that they have a massive range of footwear to suit most users. There is also a vast range of prices, so it is important to note that it can get expensive if, like me, you’re a couple of cans short of a sixpack I’m just don’t know when to stop. I have also found that the assistants in the Asics stores, even the outlet branches, seem to be extremely helpful it comes down to selecting the right footwear for you.

I currently favour the Asics Gel-Kayano 24 and 25 shoes but they do come with a £100+ pricetag but should see you through 500 to 700 miles easily, My current pair have seen nearly 1500 miles although the sole is somewhat missing anything you would like to call a tread. They are a supported trainer, with front and rear gel inserts and have a very well designed tread for water dispersal. The upper shoe is a mesh style which provides great breathability.

Another thing you might want to look at might be the insole you use. Although the factory insoles in many trainers are actually quite good, I tend to swap out the factory insoles for Sorbathane Double impact insoles. These help spread the impact of each step which eases the effect on your feet.

Just to reiterate, I am no expert, I’m no athlete and I only speak from my own personal experience.

I hope this gives you a little food for thought and ultimately helps you find your perfect footwear :sunglasses::+1:t4: