iWatch 4 compatible?


Does Sweatcoin not work with iWatch series 4? I have GPS and its on, I also had my iPhone with me and Sweatcoin was running in the background. Just came in from a 4 mile walk (outside) for 10,000 steps and Sweatcoin shows 0 steps. I’m not going to continue using the app if it doesn’t work.


Hi mhayes
Yes, Sweatcoin is compatible with both cellular and GPS versions of the AW2,3&4. Due to battery life of the AW not being particularly well suited to my activity levels, I alternate between AW3 GPS and AW4 GPS devices each day.

If you force Any remaining steps to the Sweatcoin server on your phone, quit the app on your iphone, start the app on your watch then (with the app active and visible on the watch) start the app on your iphone. The AW should sync to the iphone.

I have seen this question pop up a few times and it is quite a strange one to explain. I think I might try and put a short video to illustrate the process and possibly make it clearer for users.

I hope this helps you out. If not please let me know and I will see what other help I can offer.

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