Iwatch Sweat Coin App not Tracking Steps


Hi guys!

So excited to hear indoor steps are being tracked now but I’m kinda confused on how my steps are being counted for on my iwatch sweat coin app. I walked A TON today and my steps didn’t show up. I didn’t have my iphone on me but I do have cellular data & GPS and the Sweat Coin app on my iwatch4. Do I have to have the sweat coin iwatch app running at all times like my iPhone in the background if I don’t have my iPhone on me and leave the app running on my iwatch 24/7? Won’t that drain by battery though? Anyone thoughts anyone? Please let me know. Thanks for the help! =)


I just noticed yesterday that I’m having the same issue. My family has a New Year resolution that we’re leaving our phones in a stationary spot and only using them when we’re in that spot (to become more aware of the time we spend on our device). I walked a TON yesterday (I actually broke my personal record). Sweatcoin only registered 188 steps. And I noted that it was only registering steps when my phone was physically in my possession. I have the app on both my iPhone and my watch (series 2), sweatcoin is enabled for sharing in the Apple Health app. The app is open on both my watch and on my iPhone. I have both cellular data and WiFi enabled.

I REALLY love the idea of participating in our family resolution and don’t want to have my iPhone on my person at all times. Any suggestions?