Joining a group


Hi, I want to join a group on the app but I don’t know how to.


You need to receive and enter an invitation link to the group.

Currently there’s an annoying bug that doesn’t allow you to do that, but it should


I just thought nobody wanted to join my group :rofl:

Someone did manage to join the group on September 8th. I think that was after problems were reported on here.

Just incase, The link is posted below. For somewhat obvious reasons, I haven’t been running challenges. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


By way of update, another user joined the Phatt.Pheet group (link above) yesterday (27/10/20). So it looks like some part of the groups feature is working.


Yep the group feature should be totally working - these bugs were squished quite a while ago!


Nobody informed us this issue was fixed😕


It not. Cos I can’t still join


Which groups are you trying to join? I was able to join multiple groups yesterday, and trialled it on family accounts with no issues.

Please DM me for further help here, I can take a look at what the issue could be.


@Ashton it was the Warrior group, set up by @ChrisUK… You still can’t join it. Just tried tonight
It still makes makes your own group.


Chris said to me just a couple of days ago that members could join and has increased since he last checked :thinking:

Could you send me your username @Seaside71? I’ll check if the feature is working for you. Thanks!