Just curious since I’m new here


Hi! My name is Gale and I just joined the forums a few days ago. I have read a lot of great ideas for improving Sweatcoin. Have any of the suggestions by members been adopted and implemented? Curious if they are listening…Don’t get me wrong here because I do enjoy see my sweatcoin total increasing as I go through the day! Thanks


Hey Gale
Hope you are enjoying the app so far and that you are liking what you has experienced of the Community forum so far.

I have been using the Sweatcoin app, daily, since May 2017. In this time I have personally seen many changes. Obviously, opinions will vary greatly from user to user. However, my personal opinion is that many features that have been both added and removed together with the features that get tested have been based upon suggestions made by users as well as the changes that are based on user behaviours when using the app. You will probably notice a couple of threads here where members of the Sweatcoin team post sneek-peeks at features that are in development, mocked up feature suggestions or even general ideas and asked the community users for their thoughts and opinions.

As can likely be expected, not all suggestions that are put forward are practical, suitable or immediately possible. Unfortunately, it isn’t realistic to expect every user to be kept dancing on sunshine all the time and Sweatcoin has an extremely diverse user range with different ways and purpose for using the app.

Please remember, these are only my personal thoughts and opinions based on my own experiences and the developments I have seen and may not be shared by others.

Happy Sweatcoinin’ :sunglasses::+1:t4: