Just got my 10k sweatcoins👊


Joined 25th march 2018, had a few problems along the way, not converting etc. All coins earned by me with bonus ones included. Only another 10k to go lol. Tried to upload screenshot but saying file too big😣TM7XBK


If you can get an image compression app, it should allow it. Apparently some have had success with cropping images but personally, I just got a free compression app…
Open app> select photos> Select compression percentage or target image data size> tap go! :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Nice one, thanks for that phatt.one


Wondering if the 1000$ price of 20K sweatcoin is including daily bonuses?

Any idea?



Yeah surely it has to be imagine if it don’t count lol what a drain.


I hope the bonus coins count, could admin clear this one up please, the bonus for adverts and the indoor daily exercise, cheers


Yep - daily bonuses and exercise should count for marathon offers :slight_smile:


Nice one, cheers ashton


Super man. :money_mouth_face: