Just launched in Spain!


Hey all… I’m sure Sweatco will post on SM soon but wanted to share that Spain is now listed on the country page.
With the number of times I’ve been asked… I’m betting the App will be HUGE in Spain.


At last , there are a lot of walkers here in Spain. Most towns have what they call the Colesterol route , an easy 2-3km walk prescribed by the local doctors to improve their paitents health.


Now that sounds like a good idea for any town! As you no doubt already know, back home in the UK, many towns now have pathways and man-made raural areas planted with various to provide alternative scenery and walking routes. Almost like an extended parks. It would be more beneficial if more people knew of these routes. In between two somewhat “sketchy” local neighbourhoods I stumbled accross a Wildfoul Nature Reserve with almost 5miles of pathway, a large lake. There are places like this hidden in the strangest of places in most UK towns.
I would love to raise awareness in local communities, get the word out and encourage people to take the time to enjoy a break from normal routine of street, lights, roads, houses and offices surrounding them. Enjoy the lack of townlife sounds and experience relaxed exercise.