Just some Curiosity


I’m really starting to put as much effort into Sweatcoin as I can, because I think it’s a great app that encourages healthy activity & positivity. My only concern is (although admittedly I haven’t put the effort or attention I could’ve been into this app’s opportunity), I’ve been a member for quite a while & referred several members as well. With that mentioned, I feel like even if I do put my all in (as far as effort), it still may not get me very far. Does this sound familiar, or do I need to just go full in? Are there any tips anyone may be able to offer to help me out or point me in a successful direction. I greatly appreciate any feedback & wish you all the best! :blush:


It’s a free app (unless yoy pay for the highest membership option), and you have the opportunity to claim rewards.

I’ve have problems with it (not counting steps / not converting steps etc). over the 2+ years I’ve been a member, but I’ve stuck with it - so far.

I have a job that entails a lot of walking, so I get a fairly healthy step count every day. I’m now approaching 16,000 coins in my wallet (all earned by me, and none from referrals), so I’m hoping to cash out for a large reward sooner rather than later now :slight_smile:


Hi Erica. Just to clarify, Are you saying that if you decide to make a commitment, you fear you will ultimately not be satisfied with the outcomes?

I think I understand that feeling of not seeing the kind of progress that I hoped for despite the effort. That feeling use to be a barrier/excuse for me maintaining consistency.

One thing I did was consciously shift my focus to the present experience. Rather than focus on future type goals - how many miles, weight loss etc. I consciously shifted my attention to the present during my walks. By doing this the walks themselves became the primary reward/motivation. Watching your sweatcoins add up is also rewarding :slight_smile:

I hope this was the type of feedback that you were looking for.

Stay safe