Larger catalog of rewards/offers


Hey all,
I think that this app would be more successful and engaging if, instead of offering a small amount of deals and products on any day… create a catalog of many things and services to choose from. Additionally I think y’all should purchase an inventory of products to sell for SWC instead of exclusively collaborating with companies willing to offer discounts and trial kits.
For instance, I’m a musician/artist/person who needs clothes, so, If you guys at Sweatcoin have a small inventory of 1/4 inch cables and drum sticks up to amplifiers and instruments… and clothes ranging from generic white socks up to new Nike shoes or Adidas track suits, all available to view on your catalog, you would increase your user base and user engagement. I know If I could pay for guitar strings and/or a new pair of adidas ozweegos, I’d be much more exited about this app. Thoughts?


I agree, but how would they pay for it? That’s why they do collaborations with companies. Some new running things in a catalog sounds amazing though😍


Would like to a donation set up for Australia! Lets send them some seeatcoins!