Leaderboard concept idea


Hello guys hope you all are having a wonderful day and earning some sweatcoins throughout your day today I wanna discuss a idea about a leaderboard system I’ve touched on this topic in the past however in this post I want to make it as realistic as possible so without anymore delay let’s begin with the concept.


where and why… okay so I think the leaderboard system it self should have a section or it’s own on the app I was thinking when your on the main screen where you see how many steps you have done and how much sweatcoin you have earned for that day there should be a little button in a top corner with a little leaderboard logo. Why you ask well as many of us love earning sweatcoin it can’t hurt to add a lily toe competitive nature to help motivate people to get them extra little steps in as of course every step counts.


Only people you follow and follow you back will appear on this leaderboard known as a “friend” leaderboard this leaderboard will reset daily and will have a top 10 or top 20 the people who reach 20 swc will also earn a little badge next to there icon on the leaderboard letting users know they have reached the maximum sweatcoin earned for that day the badges are stackable and can also be put onto your profile for “bragging rights” to let visitors know how many times you have earned 20 sweatcoins daily.

Thank you for reading this small leaderboard concept :smiley:

Have a great rest of the day