Leaderboard inspires friendly competition and more walking


A leaderboard of the top users maybe 100? 1,000? people. I get monthly emails that I’m in the top 10% but that’s all I know.

Bonus coins for top certain amount of people the amount could decrease as the position does.


In the beginning there was a leaderboard for your local area then that was removed but that made it more interesting.


Although it was quite interesting from a “lets see how active people are around here” point of view. There are certain scenarios where it can cause embarrassment and possibly even lead to problems. If a “Nearby Leaderboard” were to make a miraculous return, I would venture to suggest privacy options to allow users to control whether or not they are visible would definitely be required.


I think that’s a fair suggestion. It’d be nice to have some sort of leaderboard. I use the Nike Run Club app for tracking distances, but the leaderboard is nonsense. I don’t know if people are using it while they drive, because the distances they’re clocking at the top of the leaderboard aren’t even possible on a bike I don’t think. So if you want to see how you genuinely measure up to other runners locally, you’re SOL. There’s a friends leaderboard too, so you can just see your group, but a local leaderboard is a good way to make friends who are doing the same things :slight_smile:


Yes exactly just like the Snapchat location map.


The beauty of the Sweatсoin leaderboard is that it only shows the verified steps so virtually negates any possibility of cheating. I believe the android application still shows a leaderboard of the users that you follow. I have to admit that when it was on iOS, I did use the leaderboard system to set myself realistic goals in order to build up.
I can also see the downside to the leaderboard scheme. I believe everybody deserves a chance to see their name in the number one position on the leaderboard but if you follow a user that really is a nutter, It can be disheartening or demotivating to feel that you may not get to know that feeling. I know, I was in that position myself. However at the time, nobody would’ve ever thought I could work my way up the leaderboard, least of all myself. However at the time, nobody would’ve ever thought it possible that I could work my way up the leaderboard, least of all myself.
As you can probably guess, I have been accused of cheating a number of times myself. I remember at one point I actually let it get to my head that someone had outright accused me of cheating and announced that they were going “train like Phatt.One” but because they could get nowhere near my daily step count they announced that I was cheating. Eventually i posted and account of my GPS data simply to show that I wasn’t. In all fairness and credit to that user, they did later post a public message to say that they were wrong.
Only a fortnight ago In another application I have been testing, my account was blocked by the developer due to suspicious activity. Thankfully, these days I’ve come to realise that people will accuse me of cheating and so I remained calm with them when I made contact. They requested that if I was so adamant I have not been cheating to send over a screenshots of my healthkit data together with GPS information covering the month of August. Naturally, I packaged up all the data and emailed it over to them. It came as no surprise when a week later I received an email telling me the account had been unblocked. It was a surprise that the email response still somehow managed to remain negative. Telling me they agreed I had not been cheating but that they found it very hard to believe anybody was actually capable of doing what the data showed.
I personally would prefer to encourage and motivate others, help people to achieve their goals and to know the feeling of personal success and accomplishment.
Sorry for the massive reply. As you probably know by now… I don’t do things by halves. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


No apology necessary! I think it’s funny you’ve been accused of cheating. My new goal now is to record so many steps that someone accuses me of cheating too! :joy: is there a way to have a leaderboard without disheartening people? In some games that have leaderboards there are different ranks to move up. So maybe different leaderboards for Mover, Shaker, Quaker and Breaker? So newer users or people who can’t move as much could still move up the leaderboard in their classification? Or do you think overall we’re better off without it?


Lol … Practical if not a little unorthodox goal :rofl:. I warn you, It isn’t so funny the first time, it’s not a nice feeling at all.
I may have not been too clear there LOL I wouldn’t say it is a bad thing to have the leaderboard at all really. Quite the contrary, I think the Leaderboard is a great feature and personally I wish the friends leaderboard was still in the iOS version! Without the leaderboard, I question if I’d have pushed as hard as I did to start.
Originally, I hunted out users with higher average step counts and added around 10 to my leaderboard. Then made it my goal to meet each users average count in turn until I couldn’t find any higher averages. So for me it was an amazing motivator. I actually wrote to each of the selected users once I started kicking in 70,80,90k to explain myself and thank them for being awesome, of course I sent each 100SWC by way of thanks too :slight_smile:
However, I also notice a number of users that at the time would start to follow then quickly disappear again. I couldn’t work it out at all. Until a few users started to write to me on instargam to apologies, saying they tried and would follow me but it’s pointless if they can never beat me. I know what I do is often not ‘normal’ but I would like to hope there are not too many people that would think that way, it seems extremely negative to me.
My beef with the Nearby leaderboard was that people started to figure out who it was both near my home and even in restaurants! When people started to approach me, showing me their phones and asking if it was me on the board I just felt extremely uncomfortable. Especially considering in the early days I was reliant on a walking stick just to keep my ass of the ground a little more. It was just a bit embarrassing although luckily I could always see the funny side too. Who would think it possible for anyone to draw the conclusion that the guy with the stick was the one with the insane activity? ROFL
Don’t get me wrong… I will help anyone I have always been friendly to all. It just felt wrong to me and raised concerns for me over general privacy.


I could see how that would be disconcerting! Seeing your steps motivates me instead of discouraging me, but I understand how it can work both ways. My buddy and I invite people to come trail running with us, but we’ve had to make some adjustments, because people coming out for the first time if we do too hard of a workout they don’t come back, but we really want everyone to come with us because of how much it has benefitted our lives. Motivating others is easier said than done, because different things motivate different people. But it’s amazing if you can share something you love with a new person, and it improves their life as well.


I like the way you think mate. I won’t lie I have invited people to join me. For some bizarre reason, I can’t convince many people to go out on a trek with me…can’t imagine why LOL


Who knows! I suppose it’s possible some people don’t enjoy walking or being outdoors, which can be strange for people who love doing those things.