Leveling system


I think it would be really cool and motivating if the app would have a leveling system with XP. With after each amount of levels a new status like ‘Beginner’, ‘Amateur’, ‘Advanced’, ‘Pro’ or ‘Expert’. Based on how many coins you’ve created, total steps you’ve taken or how high your average is per day (or all together). Depending on how good your status is, you get more and better benefits. Here are some ideas:
• Opportunities to earn double the amount of coins or XP on holidays like Christmas for example.
• Better offers and more discount than others.
• Small gifts once in a while (like an extra daily gift).
• An interest rate on your balance every year with a percentage that can grow
• More data of your activity, like charts, diagrams and leaderboards.
• Unlockable challenges for extra Sweatcoins or XP with for every achievement a badge/trophy.
• A new layout of the app with every new status.

I know it’s a little much of course, but it are just some fun random ideas for in the future maybe. I think it makes Sweatcoin interesting for people who not liked it or just don’t not know it. And even more fun fore people who already have it. People like things more when there’s competitiveness, it drives them.


Spot on, this is a brilliant idea. @Sweatcoin @Emma any thoughts in reply?


@Sweatcoin can talk?
Lol, no worries. He posted this idea on the idea competition thread, so they’ve probably already seen it.


I wonder when the award ceremony will be. Thought it was till today isn’t it?


Yep, they did extend the deadline to today, but they’re in a different time zone, so I have no idea when they’ll announce the results.