Looking for Active Breakers (Edit : Looking for active Trouble Makers)


I am a Breaker who is looking for more active Breakers to add to my listing of friends.
It is quite boring if day in and day out, you are the only one on the top of your own listing of friends. With me in your friend listing, there are likely 9 out of 10 days that I will be among your top listing of friends.

So do add me now , as I only have about 3 more years before I hit the 20,000 SWC to cash out the marathon reward of USD 1,000 and after that, I might no longer stay as a Top 37% Breaker globally anymore …


Just followed you i’m a breaker too since a few days


Sorry but is sending 0.01 SWC the only way to add someone who is not on your friend listing ?


Hey @Eamtan
Hope you’re ok… just spotted and it seems you can simply go to the friends icon at the bottom of the screen, which should take you to the screen where you can add contacts from Facebook or Mobile contacts etc. At the top there is a search bar… just enter the username and search. The list automatically updates as you type as you can see from the image below. From here you select the user and follow them from their profile page.

At least this seems to be true of the iOS version. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


No search function for Android


Cheers for adding the info… At least I know for the next time somebody asks. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Due to the Covid 19 outbreak, I will be reducing my exposure to outdoor walking but will still maintain my Breaker status for the time being.


Very wise mate :sunglasses::+1:t4: I too have reduced my iutdoor activity to only a couple of hours every 2-3 days. Although after working daily average up over 50k steps, I am just thankful I have the treadmill and an apparent inability to remain stationary. :rofl:


Your be alright in prison lol use to confinement bu the sounds of it :wink:


Ooof noooo… I hate being stuck inside. I’d even prefer to be out in torrential rain that stuck indoors.
However, at this particular time, public health and safety must come first.


You not have a garden I take it?


Nope, no garden, My backyard just about fits me and it alongside the wheely bin. The treadmill truly is a blessing to me, especially at the moment.


That’s a bit annoying then mate I live in a block of flats lol…


Stairs mate, the ultimate challenge :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Yeah top floor too haha! 4 flights 13 steps per flight lol


Hello I am a Breaker also. Love to ride. I’m rated in the top 10% whatever that means I’m not quite sure😬. What I do know is that I ride my bike every day.


Just curious, can any of you still see how much SWC your friends are achieving daily ? I have not being able to see this screen for a long long time now


My partner mentioned that she couldn’t check up on me. That sounds worse than it is, she used to check if I would be likely to answer if she rang me. However, if you are in a group, you should be able to see the verified steps of others in the group.


Have click on the invite and it redirect me to the sweatcoin app … play around for a while but still do not see any stats of anyone except myself


If you accept the link it should add this icon somewhere. I know it looks similar to standard invite but is a group invite.