Looking for Active Breakers (Edit : Looking for active Trouble Makers)


Yeap, I have that icon but upon clicking it, the next screen have 4 more icon namely ‘‘Find friends’’, ‘‘following’’, ‘‘followers’’, ‘‘Invite & earn’’ … none of which show any stats of any friends.


Oh, it should add you to the group and present you with group options. I’m not sure what to suggest. Just checking but are you running the latest/current Sweatcoin app version?


Have updated to the latest version and restart my phone. I can see some changes but clicking all the button still gives nothing new. Can resend your invite ? Thank you very much.

But just wondering what is the use of following those friends when one still need to invite them to see the stats ?


My screen differ from your ?


Add me. My username phucyou69


@Eamtan Hmmmm Mine has a Create Group button. I had a problem joining another group. However, I opened the link twice and randomly it worked. First time it showed me the app store, the second it added me to a group. If you still have the message I sent it might be worth trying it a couple of times.

  1. If you are active

  2. If you are a Trouble Maker

  3. If you need more motivation from fellow members in this app

Join my mini social group


Although I think it’s awesome that you are inviting users for a little extra motivation, please don’t take any offence that I haven’t joined. I am sure you will already understand my apprehension. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


When there are enough elite steppers in my social group of almost same level as you, I will invite you over …


No Problem :sunglasses::+1:t4: This isn’t supposed to come across half as bad as it may appear but it’s probably wisest not to hold my breath for an invite… :man_facepalming:

After a year with only a handful of days under a minimum Marathon equivalent per day, the best part of two weeks averaging 100k steps a day and just noticing the average over the past month is creeping past 90k steps a day. i think it’s about time to seriously pull back, stop chasing ridiculous goals, put on the brakes and start rejoining civilised society :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Guess this is another screen available to apple HP user only … so unfair

Was wondering why SWC is not use their ‘‘standard’’ SWC for the 2021 resolution and such chart using steps ? LOL

BTW, do you have the habit to forcestop the SWC app when outdoor with low battery ? I do that sometimes so as to save battery if I have cleared the max SWC for that day.


And I can safely say you should fall within the top 1% of SWC members if with my steps, I can fall within top 10% of all SWC users


mate i realized you got a new phone, does it convert better
I might switch this year


I’m not sure how it works for android devices, I thought it was a cross-platform thing but the iOS application doesn’t actually have to be open during activity. There is virtually no drain on the battery whatsoever. Forcing closed and re-opening applications on iOS devices actually uses more battery power than leaving it in the background. I may be wrong but I think it’s something to do with the way that the devices handle multitasking, by freezing the application in the background rather than using system resources and updating the application processes simultaneously.

The insights data uses information directly from the healthkit (I assume googlefit for Android). Whereas the iOS profile view displays the ‘post verification’ information. As you can probably imagine, this view has proved more useful to me personally than any other in the app mainly because it shows the verified historical information rather than every single bounce of the device. Knowing how many have benefited from using information on the screen to set goals and track progress, I really hope that that the Sweatcoin team see how useful this view is and find a way to bring this to android devices too.


Yes, I have a started using the newer iPhone XS Max. However in honesty, my old iPhone 7plus appeared to detect motion a lot better. However, conversion of steps seems to be about the same as always.


Oh that’s why the guys with higher phone models always complain about their conversion rate
Guess i will hold on to my iphone 7 for dear life because the conversion is fantabulous
It’s like a step scientist going with me and examines all my steps
But the battery life is a bit dreadful


I am using Samsung HP and they have this SamsungHealth app that do track your steps. But in order to join the global challenge, one have to give permission every month to ensure that one will be in the race. There are a few months when I only activate the permission days after the start of the month and for such delay, I will usually fall out of the top 1% of the Samsung community. It is kind of stupid but that is the way the app works. No $$$ incentive over there so I am not too concern about it too.

As I have mention before, SWC is currently the most demanding app that required 365 days of 17-18km of walking daily among all my exercise app that provide some form of $$$ incentive. The 2nd most demanding app only require around 10km a day and there are usually a day or two of rest day within a month.

Next week there is a challenge to complete 168km within the shortest number of days and I have planned to complete it in within 7 days. That is around 24km daily so guess my steps will increase quite a bit next week.


I understand what you mean, although I have not personally noticed any significant difference in conversion into Sweatcoins between the 7+ and XS Max. It felt like there were less steps recorded by the mobile HK on ths XS when trekking regular routes. Although that could easily be down to something as simple as a slightly higher pace or slightly extended stride. I suppose at some point I should really check to at least be sure that the calibration is right by a manual count over a known distance. Then comparing the two totals. I’m sure there will be a calibration setting or method if I have quick look aroundf online.


New to the forum, but active Trouble Maker since Feb ^^


Welcome ! I will stay active (around 25k steps daily) and hope my group will be a motivation to you.

I will not be starting any challenge for my group due to 2 simple reasons

  1. 72 hours is just too short
  2. difference in time zone can create huge disadvantage to some members in such short challenge.