Looking for Active Breakers


Yeap, I have that icon but upon clicking it, the next screen have 4 more icon namely ‘‘Find friends’’, ‘‘following’’, ‘‘followers’’, ‘‘Invite & earn’’ … none of which show any stats of any friends.


Oh, it should add you to the group and present you with group options. I’m not sure what to suggest. Just checking but are you running the latest/current Sweatcoin app version?


Have updated to the latest version and restart my phone. I can see some changes but clicking all the button still gives nothing new. Can resend your invite ? Thank you very much.

But just wondering what is the use of following those friends when one still need to invite them to see the stats ?


My screen differ from your ?


Add me. My username phucyou69


@Eamtan Hmmmm Mine has a Create Group button. I had a problem joining another group. However, I opened the link twice and randomly it worked. First time it showed me the app store, the second it added me to a group. If you still have the message I sent it might be worth trying it a couple of times.