Lost Account and Invites not working


My invites weren’t working so I figure I delete the app and re-install it. My friends would download the app and no invites popped up when I went to the PayPal for invites. So I re-download sweat coin and none of my old account moved over and I had 4000 sweat pins and been using it for years. I got a new phone so I got a new phone number so I can’t use that to sign up anything else I can do?


When you create an account for sweatcoin they ask you for your phone number and send you a verification code. (I think it’s for another level of security)
Seeing as you changed phone numbers your original sweatcoin account would still be using the other phone number. You could maybe ask the company your with to give you your old number back, but if it’s a different company i’m not too sure what you could do.


I’m with Verizon so I can maybe ask them thanks!


No problem, I hope you can get your old account back