Lost my sweatcoin account


Hi, my name is Melanie Martinez, I started on sweatcoin 05/15/2020, I have invited 12 friends to achieve the $6 paypal cash, I achieved it yesterday, but today when I oppened the app, my account has been logged out alone, I create my account using a friend phone number, he don’t remeber his phone number, telling me that he changed his phone number and only have it for 2 weeks, so don’t remember the number, I don’t wrote it in any paper, so I don’t remeber it. The app tells me that my email is already been take.


I uninstalled the app, and installed it, but telling that the email has already been taken


No one will answer me?
I lost my account and the $6 paypal cash?!?


Sweatcoin is legit or not?!?


Hey @MelanieMartinez1505, could you please post here a screenshot from the app which tells you that email has already been taken?


Of course, just a minute



Could you please DM me your new phone number which you use to create account?


I send you a DM…


So I also have the same issue that this person has as well