Loving the troublemaker update!


Hello, I love the new troublemaker update, I will reach 20K swcs in no time to cash out that 1000$. I was wondering if iphone offers will ever come back?


This intrigues me… I dont have a doubler on eDaily Bonuses as a Trouble Maker :thinking:


I use galaxy s9+ and sweatcoin v. 27 I think, android doesn’t have a function to upgrade to troublemaker yet so I used iphone to upgrade


I have to say congratulations, nice work around :sunglasses::+1:t4:


@Kyle93 @Phatt.One are you gettind double conversion on steps? because i don’t have that on android, i have to walk 50-52k steps to earn 50swcs


:joy::joy::sob::sob:. Either way. FairPlay to you chap
But yeah we don’t walk that much tbh. 25k for 50 swc yeah I’m happy game lol.


I have an android, in Canada, still no trouble maker yet. sigh


Yeah same here in uk, on android and no troublemaker yet feel a little bit robbed lol. Admin any idea when android users are able to access troublemaker update?


Lol I’ll swap ya :rofl: It makes more sense to double bonuses.

As far as I can think, a coin doubler seems to operate against the purpose of incentivised exercise. If you are handed a reward the reward for half the effort, where has the incentive to actually get sweaty gone?

After 3 years waiting, I was massively disappointed with what could have offered higher motivation to users rather than offering an easy route to earn Sweatcoins. In a way I found it quite offensive.

The Trouble Maker (with the benefit of double step points) is probably better compared to buying a gaming cheat addon rather than a progressive membership level.

From the exercise approach, all that is on offer is motivation of a further 5000 steps converted per day. In my personal use case (that of exercise motivation) it’s essentially paying £9.99 a year to add 5000 extra steps a day out of what is at present 60k-70k steps a day. It makes even less sense this way round because as you will probably have seen, the recent inclusion of indoor steps has meant that so many more users are regularly passing even 30k steps during the regular curse of a day. Now, instead of seeing 20swc a day, users are basically being given the extra coins to reach the level cap of 50swc. It’s almost like insulting the efforts of users that try to reach a little higher and push the extra mile or two.

I know it reads a little cynical and harsh but I am actually really struggling to justify the idea paying a subscription myself and will most likely not continue beyond the free period.

Even to have the raised cap as a SWC based subscription payment and offering the option of double coins paid for steps as an addon pack, would make a lot more sense.

It’s just my two pence worth on it. Only my personal opinion. Everyone has their own usecase and concept of what they see as the incentive or motivation to exercise.


Yeeah… I am on android too and no Trouble Maker or any notice about it after a week! Would love atleast an update if it is soon coming or not


Very fair points you’ve raised mate. I’ve found that since being on TM. my step conversion has been awful it’s like it’s a lot better for gaining coins but losing a lot ofapproved steps and it
Me ponder if it’s worth Real money for a free app. Kind of takes the concept out. Seems more fair to give us double daily bonuses or 5 ads to watch instead of 3 as a extra perk for being TM or the option to pay in sweatcoin per month 200/250 per month seems reasonable. But £10 a year over X-amount if users you must be earning a fortune off the uk users alone. Few extra perks for the TM USERS. wouldn’t go amiss.


22k steps 7k converted. Something ain’t right.


To be honest I have just had a message bout increased bonuses. It would appear that actually doing the exercise is now the activity Available to earn the least amount of Sweatcoins. As you know I am not particularly interested in the actual coin rewards anymore but it is more worrying that the longest awaited steps up of levels emerged as possibly one of the largest steps away from actually promoting the value of exercise.

Only my take on it after seeing the true value Sweatcoin has to offer.


Being fair it’s actually annoying me. Walked 26K steps and get 7.7k approved. Never happened when I was on breaker. Now I’m paying for a app that is meant to be free and I get less steps less coins. My health data allows sweatcoin step data to clarify. Also the fact my location services are on I work outside On a building site in construction and now I’m
Struggling to get 15 sweatcoins a day… 25K steps with double conversion should give me 50 coins not 14. my username is Kyleom93 and it needs sorting. @Oleg @Ashton @Emma


@oleg @emma @Ashton 6k steps 450approved since going onto Tm it’s been hassle. I haven’t even got the option to go back to breaker. I feel robbed to be completely fair. Either refund me
My money and let me change back to breaker or sort it out. Your taking the liberty taking our money Then dropping the conversion rate.


Now available for android, just update app version, so far today


Trouble Maker added for me today too as I’m on android. But to pay $1.69 cad per month for me, I don’t think it’s worth it. Was really hoping for the $1000 cash marathon offer to stay but it disappeared. If it stayed, I would have upgraded.


£1.19 a month in uk, but 1st month 30 day trail is free. Still got the $1000usd marathon offer on mine


€0.99 on iPhone but €1.39 on Android for the 1 month subscription. Why’s that? If Google Play takes a bigger margin on In-App purchases, why not give the option to buy it at the best price outside of application stores?

Also it would be nice that when you upgrade to Trouble Maker, you’re refunded your previous subscription in sweatcoin like the other levels.

And yeah the conversion is definitely subpar in TM. Not cool. I’ll forgive you if you stop that.


Agreed. It’s becoming very obvious the conversion rate has slowed right down. I’ve noticed a lot of users have lost it and the staff do piss all About anything because it’s effort on there behalf. Feeling like sweatcoin has really gone downhill.